The boy accidentally found an underground treasure Ьᴜгіed for a hundred years, so lucky

Wesley Carrington from Hertfordshire suddenly found ancient gold coins from the Roman era worth at least 100,000 pounds (equivalent to 3.3 billion VND).

Wesley Carrington, after buying a metal detector at a small store near his house, took it into the woods to test.

For 20 minutes, the machine made its first signal. Brother Wesley tried to dig up the ground and miraculously, he found a small treasure – ancient Roman gold coins.

At first, when he first started digging, he found a spoon, then a broken coin, but the machine continued to emit a continuous signal that the metal was still deep in the ground. After digging for a while, the blade of the shovel reached the first gold coin dating back to 1,600 years

Other experts were then invited to the site to continue their search, and they discovered another 104 coins. Mr Wesley’s exciting discovery was described by experts as extremely “spectacular” and of “importance to the nation’s archeology”.

This impressive story has caused some skepticism: what can confirm that these coins were accidentally dug up? Under the observation of police experts, they have confirmed that this is really an accidental discovery and there are no suspicious signs around the area where the gold coins were found.

The treasures were then sent to the British Museum for the necessary evaluation before they were put up for auction.

The money that Mr. Wesley Carrington received from the auction will have to be partly divided to the owner of the land – where he found the gold coins. Mr Wesley said that when he saw an online video on how to find lost metal objects, he decided to buy a metal detector.

Brother Wesley Carrington has found the burial place of hundreds of gold coins dating back to Roman times,

about 1,700 years ago.

The owner of the metal detector shop excitedly showed off the cheapest machine Mr. Wesley had bought at his shop. This store also has a rather “related” name – “Hidden History” which means “Mysterious History”.


Mr Wesley then brought the gold coins to show off to the owner of the metal detector shop for advice. They contacted the local museum. Immediately, a team of museum staff was sent to accompany the shop owner and Mr. Wesley to the location where the gold coins were found. Officers had more specialized equipment, so they found another 104 coins in addition to the 55 that Mr Wesley had found earlier.

New gold coins are dug up from the ground. These coins were from the same era, but were minted in different places, including today’s Italy, Germany, France, Turkey and Greece.

A museum employee in County Hertfordshire said: ‘I’ve been in this business for 10 years and I’ve never seen anyone so lucky to find a precious antique as easily as Mr. Wesley. In the past, tens of thousands of ancient coins have been sent to us for testing, but only four are from Roman times.”As for Mr. Carrington, this surprise made him become passionate about antiquities and decided to join a local club so that every week with his friends in the club spread everywhere. find treasure.


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