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Chopper style, influenced a lot by Bobber but it still has its own distinctive character. Players of this genre often have extremely high patience and “monstrous” breakthrough ideas like no other. So, when was this style formed?

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Unique model by chopper style

Chopper’s History

After World War II, because of the nostalgia of the past, the veterans bought other vehicles and modified them to resemble the motorcycles they had seen or ridden during the war. At this time, removing the mud first was like a hot trend at that time. The rear fenders are shortened and are also known as bobbers.

chopper history

In the next stages, car builders have boldly “handled” many breakthrough changes about their cars. Quite a few parts are removed from the frame, some details such as: exhaust pipes, redesigned fuel tanks are very strange and unique. Also from there, Chopper first appeared.

chopper car style
It wasn’t until the 60s and 70s that a new generation of choppers was born. In the direction of design that brings comfort, long fatigue, rustic but no less speed, many people have not regretted spending weeks, months or even years to create a perfect car for themselves. perfect.

In the 80s, many motorcycle companies including Harley-Davidson began to conceptualize and produce popular chopper models. Since then, the spontaneous chopper culture seems to fade away as well.

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However, the self-chopper culture still cannot be completely extinguished. These style custom shops gradually appeared in the mid-90s. Today, Chopper culture is strongly developed with extremely “weird” themes of these style enthusiasts, comfortable. Express your unlimited imagination and creativity.

Chopper style features

The chassis can be based on the traditional chassis or the Crusier series, but the Chopper is more diverse, more choices. This style usually has a low pushback seating position, elongated handlebars increase operator comfort. This is completely different from the forward folding posture of the standard Sport version of the Sport line.

chopper 1Vehicles usually have 2 types: hard tail frame and soft tail frame. Regardless of the frame, they are mounted on the front assembly of the wheel, fork and handlebar.

All skins are removed from the chopper
All shells removed

The engine of this “like no other” style has many options such as: Evo, Twin Cam, Shovelhead, Panhead and Knucklehead. If players favor the classic style, they will follow the trend in favor of old engines. If they use a new engine, they will also find a way to modify it.

chopper degree motor

Chopper culture in Vietnam

Playing custom cars seems to be a hobby introduced to Vietnam quite quickly with a “dizzy” speed. Although there are not as many brilliant achievements as other countries, in general, Chopper culture in Vietnam still has its own unique style, unmistakable.

Instead of customizing this style with models like Harley Davidson like world players, Vietnamese workers are free to unleash their creativity through Shadow, Rebel, Steed, Huskey or even a good Honda CD Minks.

chopper model

Each model is shown to be creative and imaginative in a separate but equally unique way, sometimes the fuel tank is changed or the steering wheel is raised.
Vietnamese players have to look to car mechanics or car makers who are familiar, highly skilled and have a reputation for technical quality. A Chopper is born, sometimes it takes a few months, not to mention the process of adjusting it to fit it takes about a year or more.

chopper in vietnamWanting to have a Chopper, passion and creativity are unlimited. Few people have the patience to wait for a car to be born. However, it will feel extremely cool, is an opportunity to show off your extreme personality.

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