Not only have a unique design shape, these two-wheeled models also have an engine block and many terrible equipment.

Icon Sheene

The family, engineers, mechanics and friends of legendary British racer Barry Sheene have come together to design the Icon Sheene motorcycle. Only 52 were built and fitted with equipment.

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The Icon Sheene has a Garett turbocharged 1,400 cc engine that produces up to 250 hp and 180 Nm of torque. This engine part is mounted inside adjacent frames. This unique motorcycle costs 160,000 USD, 4 times more than the Ducati Panigale V4R.


The MIMIC electric vehicle is equipped with train-like technology. The vehicle is shaped like a black panther and designed by Roman Dolzhenko. Body with armor-like covering.


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MIMIC is designed like a car from the future

The overall look with the curve on the MIMIC is very similar to the model in the fiction film Tron Light Cycle.

Tesla Model USA

Electric motorcycle concept  Tesla Model M designed by Jans Slapins. This model has a red body, bearing the Tesla logo. The car is equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of up to 204 horsepower.

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Tesla Model USA

The car has up to 4 driving modes including Race (Race), Cruise (Cruise), Standard (Standard) and Eco (Eco). Powering the car engine is a type of Tesla lithium-ion battery. Carbon fiber wheel rims, shock absorbers include reversing forks at the front and a single shock absorber at the rear.

Majestic 2029

With the 2029, Fuller wanted to capture intricate design elements that to this day are difficult to do by hand. Instead of traditional fabrication, the designer used 3D metal printing. Bryan Heidt, lead metal fabricator at Fuller Moto worked with Fuller on design concepts and provided initial CAD model dimensions to ensure perfect form and optimize functionality. .

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Magnificent 2029

Fuller took the communication system from Zero FXS. The length of the Zero matches the size of the original Majestic car, but the engine is too low and the battery is too high in the chassis. As a result, Fuller decided to reverse the slide down frame and also modify the pin to make the movement align with the 23-inch-tall wheels.

The body is completely covered in aluminum, similar to the original 1929 Majestic. The aerodynamic front design helps them act as shavers to let air flow through the body panels, reducing drag.

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Lots of special highlights on this model

A blue color has been sprayed on the inside of the car to create accents and add a subtle splash of color. The blue color is inspired by the original 1929 Majestic emblem.


PUNCH is an electric vehicle that brings a new style with a unique geometry, less cumbersome. PUNCH no longer has curves, sinewy but very simple. PUNCH really brings a very new design approach to electric vehicles.

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PUNCH is an electric vehicle with a unique shape

The car is designed as PVC water pipes put together, the electric motor of the car has a capacity of 20 horsepower to suit traveling in the inner city and short distances, and can even be pushed up to 33 horsepower. horse power.

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This model is capable of running up to 110 km per full charge

This electric motor is also housed in a red box, which is as clear as a pump. The two sides of the chassis are equipped with a battery pack that helps the car to run 110 km with each full charge. The saddle is designed to be flat, simple, and integrates two circular taillights at the rear.