Magnificent Tattoo Ideas for Women

Searching for a new tattoo design? Then look no further. We have found 41 of the most beautiful shoulder tattoos for women. Shoulder tattoos suit everyone and they can be covered up or shown off when you choose. Not only that, but you can add to shoulder pieces in the future to create stylish arm, back and chest tattoos. Take a look, we have something for everyone!

1. Floral Shoulder Tattoo for Women

The first tattoo we have to show you is this beautiful floral shoulder piece. The design features peony flowers, small yellow flowers and other plants. You can have something similar recreated with the peonies or have your favorite flower designed. Either way, floral art like this suits the shoulder area perfectly.

Floral Shoulder Tattoo for Women

2. Beautiful Heart Shoulder Tattoo

Our next idea is a heart shoulder tattoo. The heart has a floral and jewelry design. It has been placed on the back of the shoulder. Back of the shoulder tattoos for women are stylish and will look great on everyone. There are a few ways to have a heart tattoo. You can have a design like this, a heart with your own patterns or maybe even a cute colored heart. Maybe pink or red.

Beautiful Heart Shoulder Tattoo 

3. Feijoa Flower Tattoo Idea

Next, we have another floral shoulder design to share with you. This tattoo features a Feijoa flower. These are pretty flowers and can be white or pink with vibrant red centers. We love this design because it sits around the shoulder beautifully. You can have your own flower design draped over your shoulder like this too.

Feijoa Flower Tattoo Idea

4. Artistic Waves Shoulder Tattoo

Tattoos of waves are beautiful and have many different meanings. As with any tattoo, the meaning can be unique to you but generally waves can symbolize a love of the ocean, connection to the sea, or they can be about overcoming your troubles. This wave tattoo is unique and artistic. The colors used in the design are beautiful. If you love this, then have a similar design or choose a more realistic design. Either way, you will have an awesome tattoo.

Artistic Waves Shoulder Tattoo

5. Four Leaf Clover Design

Our next tattoo features a four leaf clover. We love this design because it looks like a clover but it also looks like small hearts too. You kind of get two designs in one with this. A four leaf clover is a symbol of good luck and fortune, so not only will it look great, but it may also bring you some luck, too. Choose a creative pattern like featured or maybe try the classic green clover.

Four Leaf Clover Tattoo Design

6. Floral Shoulder and Arm Tattoo

When choosing a shoulder tattoo you don’t just have to stay in that area. If you want a large piece, you can have the design starting on the shoulder but have it continuing onto the arm, back or chest. Here we have a stunning example of a shoulder and arm tattoo. The shoulder has flowers and the arm has a mandala. We love this, it would look amazing on anyone.

Floral Shoulder and Arm Tattoo for Women

7. Mandala Shoulder Tattoo

Next, we have a mandala design. Mandalas feature intricate patterns and are circular in shape. The shape makes them perfect as shoulder tattoos. This tattoo features a black ink mandala that looks floral. You can take inspiration from this or create your very own mandala with unique patterns.

Mandala Shoulder Tattoo for Women

8. Pretty Floral Moon

Looking for a cool and pretty tattoo? Then this idea is for you. A half moon has been tattooed onto the back of the shoulder. Inside the moon there is a beautiful floral design. You can have a more realistic moon or try the floral moon. Maybe have a floral moon with your favorite flowers or with flowers in your favorite color.

Pretty Floral Moon Tattoo Design

9. Patterned Shoulder Piece

You can use patterns to create amazing tattoos in any size. Here we have a shoulder tattoo that extends down the arm. Not only does this design have intricate patterns, but it also has a jewelry feature too. You can have a similar design to this one or have your own unique pattern created.

Patterned Shoulder Tattoo for Women

10. Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Roses are symbols of love, beauty and much more. Not only that, but roses also look beautiful as tattoos too. Here we have a gorgeous rose shoulder tattoo. If you want a bold piece, then have a similar design created or if you want a subtler tattoo, try having a smaller rose without the two side roses.

Rose Shoulder Tattoo for Women

11. Unique Shoulder Tattoo Idea

The next tattoo idea we have to show you is quite unique. The tattoo is a circle with a botanical design. We love how the circle sits on the shoulder, it just looks so creative and stylish. You can take inspiration from this and have a circle like this with flowers or other patterns.

Unique Shoulder Tattoo Idea for Women

12. Live, Love, Laugh Shoulder Tattoo

You don’t have to go all out and have a large intricate design. You can choose a simple and stylish tattoo like our next pick. This tattoo features the words live, love, laugh. The positive quote would look great on anyone and you can even experiment with font. Maybe try having your favorite quote or saying tattooed too.

Live, Love, Laugh Shoulder Tattoo

13. Large Peony Shoulder Tattoo

Peonies have become very popular in tattoo designs. Earlier in the post we featured a vibrant peony shoulder tattoo. The tattoo below shows how you can design a peony in a different way. This one is black ink and starts on the shoulder and ends on the arm. You can choose one peony or have a design like this one with patterns too.

Large Peony Shoulder Tattoo

14. Koi Fish Tattoo

Looking for a unique tattoo design? Then this next pick is for you. Here we have a koi fish that has been tattooed in a circular shape on the shoulder. Koi fish tattoo can have different meanings but some common ones are wealth, ambition, patience, strength, wisdom and good fortune. If you like this design, have something similar or choose you own favorite fish.

Koi Fish Shoulder Tattoo 

15. Watercolor, Cherry Blossom Shoulder Tattoo

Next, we have a beautiful watercolor tattoo to share with you. Watercolor tattoos look amazing as they actually look like paintings on the skin. Here we have a watercolor version of cherry blossoms. The blossom starts on the shoulder and ends on the chest. This is a stunning tattoo that would suit anyone.

Watercolor Cherry Blossom Shoulder Tattoo 

16. Flower and Name Tattoo Idea

Quotes and names are very popular tattoo choices. Here we have a gorgeous example of this type of tattoo on the shoulder. The tattoo starts as a pretty purple flower on the shoulder and the stem ends around the collarbone. This stem is unique though as it has a name on the design. You can have a tattoo like this for a loved one or you can swap the name for a quote.

Flower and Name Tattoo Idea

17. Intricate Shoulder Tattoo

If you want an attention-grabbing tattoo, this next idea is for you. The arm and whole shoulder has been covered in intricate mandala patterns. This is a stunning work of art that would look amazing on anyone. You can get lots of inspiration from this to create your own design, so you can have your own unique tattoo.

Badass Shoulder Tattoo Idea for Women

18. Flowers, Mandala and Jewelry Design Idea

Next, we have a tattoo idea that combines a few popular designs together. This tattoo has flowers, a mandala and a jewelry feature. These elements look great as they are but make a stunning piece of art when joined together. A shoulder tattoo like this would look gorgeous on anyone. You could even add some color to the design too.

Flowers, Mandala and Jewelry Tattoo Design Idea

19. Pretty Red Flower Design

Want a small but bold tattoo? Then this next pick is for you. This shoulder tattoo features a small red flower. It is a cute piece that would be great as a first tattoo. You can have a red flower like this one or choose your own vibrant flower.

Pretty Red Flower Shoulder Tattoo

20. Unique Olive Branch Tattoo Idea

Our next idea is creative and unique. Here we have an olive branch that has been tattooed on the top of the shoulder. Olive branches look stylish as a tattoo but are also a symbol of peace and fertility. This would be perfect for someone who wants an unusual tattoo with meaning.

Unique Olive Branch Tattoo Idea

21. Flower Shoulder Tattoo Design

The next shoulder design we have to show you is this floral piece. It has beautiful large flowers as well as smaller flowers and plants. You can have a black ink design like this one or add some color. A design like this would look amazing with the watercolor technique.

Flower Shoulder Tattoo Design

22. Beautiful Flower Tattoo

Our next shoulder tattoo features a pretty floral design. There is one beautiful flower with a leafy pattern all the way around. This is a gorgeous tattoo that will suit anyone. Recreate this design or you can have it moved over a little onto the shoulder joint. You can also add color to the flower too, this will give the tattoo a bolder look.

Beautiful Flower Shoulder Tattoo

23. Stunning Hummingbird Tattoo Idea

Looking for a bold and unique tattoo? Then this idea is for you. Here we have a stunning hummingbird. The bird is quite big and it is decorated with beautiful patterns including hearts, geometric designs and more. You can take inspiration from this and create something similar or use a different bird with different patterns.

Stunning Hummingbird Tattoo Design Idea

24. Shoulder and Collar Bone Floral Tattoo

Next, we have a beautiful floral tattoo. This tattoo features flowers on the shoulder and the design continues onto the collar bone. As the tattoo is one the collar bone and the shoulder, it really stands out and makes a statement. You can try peony flowers like these or choose different flowers for your tattoo. You can also brighten up the flowers by adding pop of color.

Flower Shoulder and Collar Bone Floral Tattoo

25. Pretty Shoulder Tattoo Design

When choosing a shoulder tattoo, you do not have to choose just one design. You can combine a few together just like this. This shoulder tattoo includes a flower, a mandala and a decorative jewelry feature. Even though all three designs are different, they compliment each other beautifully and create one stunning tattoo. Try something like this or you create your own unique design.

Pretty Shoulder Tattoo Design for Women

26. Bold Poppy Flower Tattoo

Love vibrant tattoos? Then this idea could be perfect for you. Here we have a shoulder design that features two beautiful, bright red poppy flowers. If you love red, then you can have a similar tattoo to this or you can have a flower created in any color you like. Maybe choose your favorite flower so the tattoo represents you.

Bold Poppy Flower Tattoo

27. Statement Calla Lily Tattoo

The next tattoo we have to show you is very unique and bold! This tattoo features a beautiful purple flower that starts on the shoulder and ends all the way down the arm. The flower used is stunning and it is a very creative and artistic design. If you want a large piece of body art, then a design like this is perfect. Any flower can be used to recreate a similar look.

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Statement Calla Lily Tattoo Idea

Source: @lena_fedchenko

28. ‘Focus on the Good’ Shoulder Tattoo

Do you have a favorite quote that inspires you? Then why not have it tattooed on your shoulder like this?! This design features the words “focus on the good”. As you can see, it is a positive and empowering message and it also creates a trendy shoulder tattoo too. You can have any quote or inspiring words tattooed on your shoulder.

Focus on the Good Shoulder Tattoo

Source: @arodinho

29. Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Tattoos look so trendy and cool when they are on the shoulder joint. Don’t just take our word for it, check out this next design. Here we have a beautiful black ink rose that is tattooed on the shoulder joint. The rose still has that pretty and feminine look but because of the placement, it has an edgy vibe too. You can try a rose tattoo like this or you can choose a different flower instead.

Rose Shoulder Tattoo Design

Source: @goodtattooclub

30. Cute Botanical Shoulder Tattoo

If the pretty flowers are not your thing, then why not try a botanical tattoo. You will still get the natural, plant look but it is a little different to the popular floral pieces. This shoulder tattoo features a cute berry design. We love this unique tattoo and the colors used too. It is an unusual idea that is perfect for someone who wants a tattoo that is different to the rest.

Cute Botanical Shoulder Tattoo

Source: @lena_fedchenko

31. Infinity Family Tattoo

The infinity symbol can represent many things some of which include love and friendship that will never end. With a powerful meaning like this, it is no surprise that these tattoos have become very popular. This is a beautiful example of an infinity tattoo. The symbol is tattooed on the shoulder and features the words family and love. A tattoo like this is perfect for someone who wants to show the world how much they care. You can choose a simple infinity symbol without words.

Infinity Family Tattoo Design

Source: @goodtattooclub

32. Stunning Peony Shoulder Tattoo

Looking for an elegant tattoo? Then you need to see this next design. Here we have a peony flower that is tattooed on the shoulder. The colors and shading used is just stunning. It captures the beauty of a real peony perfectly. This is a work of art and it will look gorgeous on anyone.

Stunning Peony Shoulder Tattoo

Source: @lena_fedchenko

33. Stylish Shoulder Tattoo Idea

Next, we have a trendy tattoo to show you. This tattoo features a botanical style design with a leafy pattern and flower. It is a stylish and statement making tattoo that goes across the collar bone, shoulder and it ends on the back. Recreate this tattoo or try your own floral and elegant design.

Stylish Shoulder Tattoo Idea for Women

Source: @goodtattooclub

34. Matching Shoulder Tattoos

Instead of just having one shoulder tattooed, why not try having a tattoo on both?! Here we have a beautiful floral design that has been placed on each shoulder which creates a stylish, matching look. You can try similar tattoos to these or choose your own unique design. Flowers and mandalas are perfect for matching tattoos.

Matching Floral Shoulder Tattoos

Source: @ira_shmarinova

35. Colorful Rose Tattoo

Love roses? Then this tattoo design is for you! Here we have a stunning shoulder piece that features three beautiful roses. The roses are also surrounded by a gorgeous leafy pattern. You can go for a multi color design like this or you can choose rose colors that you like or that represent you. Maybe look at the language of flowers to see what color meanings you should choose.

Colorful Rose Tattoo Idea

Source: @tattooist_silo

36. Plane and Compass Tattoo Design

If you love traveling, then this next tattoo is for you. The design includes a small compass and a plane. There are also tiny stars in the background too. This is a stylish tattoo and the compass is a symbol of always moving in the right direction and always finding your way home. You can recreate this or just the compass.

Plane and Compass Tattoo Idea

Source: @renan.sampaio

37. Beautiful Orchid Shoulder Tattoo

Next, we have another beautiful floral design. This tattoo features two stunning orchids that start on the shoulder and end on the arms. An orchid is a symbol of many things some of which include beauty, love, femininity and more. So, it is no surprise they have become so popular. A tattoo like this is very pretty and stylish. It will suit everyone.

Beautiful Orchid Shoulder Tattoo Idea

Source: @lucasmilk

38. Flower Shoulder Tattoo

Our next tattoo is unique and it really makes a statement. This design has beautiful flowers that begin on the neck and end on the shoulders. There is a total of three flowers and the first flower is closed and the last flower is large and open. It is a stunning design and it is perfect for the ladies who want a bold tattoo. You can recreate with any flowers and add some color too.

Flower Shoulder Tattoo

Source: @tattooist_silo

39. Beautiful Watercolor Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are beautiful. When a tattoo features this technique, it actually looks like it was hand painted on the skin with watercolor paints. It is a gorgeous way to tattoo and it creates elegant works of art. Here we have a stunning example. This tattoo features orchids in pink and purple tones. It is a pretty tattoo that will look amazing on anyone.

Beautiful Watercolor Floral Tattoo

40. Feather Tattoo Idea

The next tattoo we have to show you is trendy and bold. Here we have a black ink feather tattoo that is placed on the shoulder and arm. It is a gorgeous tattoo and it will look stylish on everyone. You can recreate this design or choose a different feather. A peacock feather will look amazing. You can also have it tattooed in the same place or move it up onto the shoulder joint.

Big Feather Tattoo Idea

Source: @goodtattooclub

41. Big Floral Shoulder Tattoo

Love floral tattoos? Then you need to see this next idea! The design features stunning flowers that cover the shoulder joint and carry on onto the arm. It is a trendy, edgy and bold tattoo that will make you stand out from the crowd. Try a similar tattoo to this or you can choose different flowers. If you want a sleeve tattoo, you can also have the flowers tattooed from the shoulder to the wrist.

Floral Shoulder Tattoo Design

Source: @anna_bravo_

We hope you have found some awesome shoulder tattoos for women and got inspired for your next tattoo!

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