Currently, the images of the prototype version of the custom car called NU-E have been published.

The new face in the field of tuning has launched the next version after the Ducati Scrambler Street Tracker. The new electric car version is made with a sophisticated design and many branded equipment.


NUEN is a Vietnamese fashion brand and also a new face in the field of car tuning. Last year, they released their first product, the Ducati Scrambler Street Tracker, with the aim of proving that the world of fashion and 2-wheel motorcycles can completely harmonize. Not long after, NUEN continued to launch a new project, but this time it was a custom made on an electric car. Currently, the images of the prototype version of the custom car called NU-E have been published.

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According to research, the electric car model that NUEN uses as the foundation to create that version is the DatBike Weaver ++ – a product of a startup company in the field of electric vehicles also from Vietnam. The focus in the design as well as the biggest change is the CNC aluminum frame of the custom version, which not only helps reduce weight but also gives a sleeker and more solid appearance than the original car. Besides, the fake fuel tank on the car has also been replaced with a frame shaped in a similar style.  

xedoisong_xe_mo_to_dien_do_cua_thuong_hieu_thoi_trang_nuen--1-.jpg (57 KB)

According to the head of NUEN, the process of conceptualizing the design of the NU-E version was completed in less than a month, but the next phase has really begun. The sketches of the Vietnamese brand are made on CAD drawings, which are used to 3D print the chassis model. After finishing, the parts are CNC machined from aviation aluminum and assembled.

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Tailor-made frames will incorporate a variety of branded components. The first is a pair of front forks from the K-Tech Suspension brand with a CNC triple fork cluster. Below, a pair of 17-inch rims taken from Triumph Trident 660 and Yamaha R1 rear grips are customized for the custom version combined with EMC rear shock absorbers. 

xedoisong_xe_mo_to_dien_do_cua_thuong_hieu_thoi_trang_nuen--4-.jpg (81 KB)

Besides, NUEN has chosen Swedish brake company ISR to use for its own version. The front includes 2 6-piston brake calipers, the rear 1 4-piston brake calipers and brake shackles also come from the Nordic brand.

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NUEN also designed a separate plastic cover around the body to cover the battery block and controller. In addition, the used front and rear fenders of the S 1000 R are shortened and the saddle is covered with blue leather. Notably, the rear wheel is equipped with a wheel cover inspired by the jet engine of the plane in the 80s.

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Not only that, NUEN also equips the NU-E with many other parts such as Hookie’s switches and gloves, Quadlock phone holder for the driver to use the smartphone as a dashboard. Customizable footrests and LED taillights.

xedoisong_xe_mo_to_dien_do_cua_thuong_hieu_thoi_trang_nuen--7-.jpg (62 KB)

As for the powertrain, the NU-E uses an engine integrated into the rear wheel with a rated power of 6kW and a maximum of 10kW, which can reach a maximum speed of up to 150km/h. The battery block can allow the car to travel a maximum distance of 100km on the road and can reach 200-300km in the city. However, the above numbers are for reference only as the finished version may use a different powertrain.

xedoisong_xe_mo_to_dien_do_cua_thuong_hieu_thoi_trang_nuen--9-.jpg (46 KB)

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