Blue Beauty: LA’s Bugatti Chiron Bike, a True Testament to Innovation and Luxury




All too often when an auto marque dabs its finger into the bicycle market, it fails to consult anyone that actually knows anything about bikes, and the result is usually dismal. The same is true even of Bugatti, but this is the sort of bike they should’ve built.



Although they previously partnered with German specialist PG in custom carbon bikes, considering Bugatti’s 100-year history, and Volkswagen’s multi-million dollar ownership which focuses on exclusive, limited-production sports cars, it’s a shame all they could come up with was a belt-driven fixie.



Critics will have surely have plenty to say in regards to the component choice and, potentially, the geometry and general rideability, but they’re missing the point. This was created by a Sydney-based car restorer as a realization of a personal dream and, as far as creating a two-wheeled version of the Chiron, did a far better job of capturing the essence of the inspiration than Bugatti did with their fixie.



The engineer’s tag is Tuning Mako, and he has set up a Facebook page to celebrate his creation, where you can see more of his work and the Throttle Roll party where these photos were taken.

Plenty of the major motorcycle marques approach the bespoke custom moto shops to modify their stock models in an effort to garner street cred. Imagine what could be created if some of our custom bicycle frame builders were approached by Rolls Royce, Land Rover or Aston Martin?


Tuning Mako has proven what can be done in a garage with a little imagination. The purists may scoff, but at least it shows what dreams lie outside of the double-triangle diamond-shaped bike frame.


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