The Revolutionary Motorcycle Concept by an Aerospace Genius




This strangely shaped bike is called Light Rider, and it is the first motorcycle in the world to be manufactured using 3D printing technology. With a state-of-the-art 3D framework, APWorks – one of the companies under the Airbus group – has applied bioengineering to define organic structures based on natural design principles.



In other words, it takes an almost aerospace-like approach, creating thousands of 30-micrometer thin layers in powdered metal, providing excellent durability to the vehicle. APWorks said the car uses the best materials, the entire frame is made of Scalmalloy material – a material in the aircraft aluminum class, has the same hardness as titanium and is unmatched in printing technology . 3D.




The car’s overall weight is just 35 kg, combined with a 6kW zero-emission electric motor that delivers 130 Nm of torque, providing a performance-weight ratio comparable to that of a supercar . . The car accelerates from 0-45 km/h in 3 seconds and has a top speed of 80 km/h, with a driving range of 60 km.



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“We’ve used our experience of optimization and manufacturing to build vehicles that live up to our expectations,” explains APWorks’ Niels Grafen: Exceptionally strong, lightweight impressively lightweight and of the highest quality.



APWorks intends to exclusively produce a small number of Light Riders – street legal – with only 50 units. The deposit is $ 2,229 (~ VND 50 million) but the selling price of this car is up to $ 55,727 (~ VND 1,247 billion).


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