Ryno – Single-wheel electric motorcycle with a design like “half-cut motorcycle”

The Ryno is a fun and eco-friendly vehicle, but it’s probably far from popular.

A unicycle is a vehicle we usually only see in circuses, and of course an actor needs to practice hard to master it. Because of their unique nature, unicycles are not used on the street at all, but what if they were improved, easier to use and more practical? Ryno is such a car.

Ryno là một chiếc xe máy điện một bánh mang thiết kế hiện đại

Ryno is a one-wheeled electric motorcycle with a modern design

More specifically, the Ryno is an electric one-wheeler, and it looks like a motorcycle with its head cut off. It’s designed for tight city travel, emits zero emissions, and operates smoothly and evenly with a single wheel.

Nó được thiết kế để làm phương tiện chuyên dụng trong đô thị

It is designed to be used as a specialized vehicle in urban areas

Designed by Christopher Hoffmann, the Ryno features a robotic welded steel frame that provides the required resistance for both the components and the rider. Using the same balancing technology as the BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 and Segway, all the driver needs to do is lean forward to move the vehicle, and lean back to slow or come to a complete stop. Sensors mounted in the vehicle detect the center of gravity and control a motor when it senses direction.

Cách thức hoạt động của Ryno tương tự như xe Segway

The way Ryno works is similar to the Segway car

The front end of the Ryno electric scooter has a classic-style handlebar, but there is no front fork, instead it is a handlebar that is firmly attached to the frame. Looking down, we see a part of the frame stretched to the front with two rubber bumpers at the top that serve as the car’s stand. When the footrest is lowered to the ground, the car looks like a crouching horse so that the owner can easily step on it. Furthermore, underneath the steering wheel is a 12 volt DC outlet that allows you to plug in the charger.

Ryno vận hành êm ái, an toàn và không hề xả khí thải

Ryno operates smoothly, safely and without emissions

At the rear of the car, below the customizable seats, you’ll find a shock absorber and a parking brake attachment. Also at the back, you’ll also find a luggage rack to put backpacks or supermarket shopping bags. Including luggage, this peculiar machine can carry 118 kg.

One advantage of the Ryno is that it keeps the rider in an almost vertical position. More precisely, the rider has a more upright stance than a conventional bicycle thanks to the use of experimental motorcycle ergonomics, which provides a posture that closely resembles walking. And yet, the car is equipped with 2 electric motors to provide enough torque when climbing uphill, and limit the speed when going downhill.

Video introduction of motorcycle Electric one-wheel Ryno

The power source for this small car is two high-capacity SLA battery packs with an optional lithium-ion battery. Full charge time is about 6 hours, and when fully charged, the car can travel about 24 km. Of course, this number may seem small, but you need to keep in mind that it is very small, able to wriggle all the way through traffic. The maximum speed of Ryno is also only 16 km / h, just enough for urban use and ensuring safety if an accident occurs.

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