Revolutionary Unicycle Design Takes Thrills to New Heights with Motorcycle Engine

A group of friends just built a monowheel and despite being crazy hard to ride, it actually works.

These guys have just built a monowheel that’s powered by a motorbike engine.

YouTube channel Make it Extreme is known for its crazy DIY builds, and this one is no different.

The video has amassed a staggering 28 million views since it was first published.

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In the video, the guys behind Make it Extreme detail the entire process from bending pipe into a circular shape for the frame, all the way through to testing it.

First up, they feed a length of steel pipe through a vice to bend it into shape.

Obviously, being a monowheel, it needed to be perfectly circular.

From here, the guys then spray the outer frame with orange spray paint.

They then use a lathe to craft four rollers, which are to allow the outer ring to revolve around the inner frame.

The next step was to cut up four scooter tyres to use the rubber for the outer frame.

This was done using a handheld cutter to remove the sidewalls of the tires.

The guys then set about building the inner frame of the monowheel.

Once again, the material used was steel piping, which then had to be welded at certain points.

With the inner frame complete, the next job was to fabricate mounts for the rollers.

These mounts had to be welded to the inner frame so the outer frame could spin freely.

Next up was the task of mounting the monowheel’s power source – a small petrol engine, presumably taken from a motorbike.

The guys then had to fabricate another roller, this time attached to a sprocket.

The reason for this is so that when the engine trunks, it moves the chain which in turn moves the sprocket.

That then means the roller moves which turns the outer frame of the monowheel making it move.

Watch it here:

Last but not least, the guys fitted a motorcycle seat and a set of handlebars to the inner frame.

One final coat of orange spray paint for the inner frame, and the monowheel was ready to test.

The monowheel is a resounding success, and even though it’s hard to ride, it looks like heaps of fun.

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