Newborns can lift their heads and crawl just a few days after birth

Three days after birth, a newborn was captured on camera standing up and crawling in her hospital bed, shocking her mother. Samantha Mitchell told Kennedy News that her daughter Nyilah Daise Tzabari was crawling and holding her head up just days after birth, making her feel as though she had “never had a newborn.” Mitchell, 34, acknowledged, “I’ve babysat for the majority of my life and have over 20 years of experience with children, but I’ve never seen anything like this before.” “I’ve never been around many three-day-old babies, so there are a lot of annoyances, but I’ve never seen a baby like this before.”



“The video was captured when Nyilah was less than three days old. She was 2.5 days old,” the woman clarified. Mitchell rushed to film her three-weeks-late, 43-week-old, 7-pound-six-ounce, February 27, 2023, 7:22 p.m., 7-pound-six-ounce daughter crawling because she knew her friends and family would never believe her if she told them her infant was crawling.

“My mother was the only other person in the room when it happened, and she told me to record it,” the mother of one explained. “No one would have believed me had I claimed otherwise. My fiancé was not present, and I am certain that he would not have believed me had I not captured the event on camera. The video shows Nyilah Daise extending her limbs in front of her to support herself while crawling and raising her head.

“I was completely shocked the first time I saw her crawl,” Mitchell from White Oak, Pennsylvania, said. “The manner in which she raised her head and babbled left me in utter disbelief,” she added.





Within days of her birth, Nyilah Daise Tzabari was already crawling and sustaining her own head.

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Mitchell’s mother, Nyilah Daise’s grandmother, can be heard in the background of the video exclaiming in amazement at her granddaughter’s fortitude. According to Healthline, babies begin crawling between six and nine months of age, and the crawling stage doesn’t last long before they begin walking on their own. Though obviously ahead of her time, Nyilah Daise began rolling from her stomach to her back at just 18 days old. At two months of age, she could roll from her back to her stomach.


Samantha Mitchell stated that she has “never had a newborn.”

“Sometimes I laugh and simply wish she were a baby,” Mitchell said of her premature infant. Now that Nyilah Daise is three months old and already standing with support, her mother predicted that it won’t be long before she begins to walk. “Without a doubt, she will soon begin walking. She is standing currently. She places a great deal of weight on her legs. We have no intention of making her stand. Mitchell stated, “She simply refuses to buckle her knees and sit down.” She is not yet able to stand on her own, but she is constantly attempting to do so.

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