Mother’s Astonishment at Carrying Two Sets of Twins

Ashley Ness visited her physician for a standard ultrasound.





She had no notion what the technician would find when examining the growth inside her body.

35-year-old The mother of four children is Ashley Ness. She and her partner Val, who reside in Taunton, Massachusetts, had no plans to have additional children. Still ecstatic, they learned Ashley was expecting her fifth child.



However, a recent ultrasound revealed that they would be multiplying their number of children, not just adding one more child.


In an interview with Good Morning America, Ashley explained:

“When she first began the scan, she glanced at the screen and wrote A, B, so I stopped, looked at her, and said, ‘Wait, I’m having twins?’ And she responds, ‘Oh, I don’t know… I’m going to leave for a moment.”




The mother’s concerns were confirmed when the sonographer returned to the room, despite her anticipation and expectancy of hearing the unexpected:

“She resumes the scan and announces, ‘You’re having four'” I said, ‘I’m apologetic. What?’ She then responds, “There are four of them in there.”

The four offspring of Ashley and Val range in age from seven to twenty-four. They never envisaged that she would conceive again at her age, let alone have four more children.

“Conceiving my daughter was extremely difficult, and I’ve had pregnancies in the past. “It’s incredible that I’ve been blessed with something so enormous,” Ashley said.

Even more astonishing is the fact that the four embryos are actually two sets of identical twins. According to WCVB, this is an uncommon pregnancy. The odds of having two sets of identical twins spontaneously are one in 70 million.


Ashley also described how she and Chanel, Val’s daughter, contributed to the naming of their future children:

“I’ve always wanted to keep the entire ‘Ch’ because, with the exception of one grandchild, all of my parents’ grandchildren have it.” Therefore, I wished to stick with the ‘Ch’ theme for all of their names. The females are Chesley and Chatham, while the boys are Chance and Cheston.”


This family is obviously fortunate, and they will welcome their four new members with nothing but love and support!

In August, the quadruplets were delivered.



Ashley’s pregnancy was high-risk due to her age and previous miscarriages, so she chose to deliver the twins in August instead of October, when they were due.


However, a post on Ashley’s Instagram indicates that the infants were delivered in July. On August 30, she shared a photo of the quadruplets’ one-month birthday celebration.

Then, in September, she sent her followers another update:

“I cannot fathom that The quads have been in the world for two months already. I will not deceive; the past two months have been difficult, what with the ups and downs of Nicu life and balancing a family at home. “The mom guilt hits me hard. I’m trying to give everyone enough attention, and I can’t wait for the Quads to come home so we can all be together.”

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