Futuristic Rocket-Inspired Electric Motorcycle Takes the Streets by Storm

Pocket Rocket has a body configuration like a rocket, weighs 55 kg, is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 80 km / h, is proving to be the ideal vehicle for those who like unique style.

Pocket Rocket is Sol Motor’s new electric motorcycle model in Germany. This car, as its name suggests, has a very unique exterior design, the body of which looks like a rocket.

Pocket Rocket electric motorcycle.

With such unique designs, Pocket Rocket has won prestigious design awards such as the European Product Design Award and the German Design Award (German Design Award).


The body of the car is like a rocket.

Of course, not only has the advantage of a strange external code, Pocket Rocket also has remarkable power despite looking very small. The car has two electric motor options including a 4 kW (5.4 hp) and a 6 kW (8 hp) motor, for a maximum speed of 50 – 80 km/h.

Wheels have a large cross section.

This speed range can be customized according to Eco, Sport and Wheelie driving modes. Brakes include hydraulic disc brakes with linkage technology and the ability to regenerate energy for the engine mounted on the rear wheel axle.


Vehicles with one-wheel drive mode

The tires are wide and the dual suspension is smooth, while the seat is extremely minimalist. The LED system is integrated right on the main tube frame of the vehicle. The car has a super light weight of only 55 kg.


The engine is mounted on the rear wheel axle.

To meet today’s technology needs, the Pocket Rocket is designed to provide connectivity with Android and iOS apps that allow the driver’s cell phone to act as a control screen.


Of course, Pocket Rocket is not cheap. The 4 kW version starts at $6,000 (VND 140.25 million), while the 6 kW version starts at $6,500 (VND 151.94 million).

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