Exploring the Fascinating Tale of the Giant Bicycle

A giant 3-wheel bicycle with 5 seats and 6 meters long, 3 times larger than a regular bicycle has attracted the curiosity of many people on the streets of Hanoi.
With an oversized but movable size, this oversized tricycle is curious to many Hanoians who are not unfamiliar with the image of bicycles on the streets of Hanoi. According to Mr. Nguyen Dinh Chien (Vietnamese Feature Film Studio), the maker of this car, this is not a product to satisfy elegant pleasures.

The bike was made by Mr. Chien according to the customer’s order for a reality show on television. With the customer’s brief requirements for vehicle size, the selection of materials for the chassis is the most important, because the car needs to be sturdy to be able to carry 5 people. Nearly 100 kg of water pipes of various sizes were purchased to create a giant car.

Next is the stage of making rims, from u-shaped steel, after bending a circle with a radius of 2 meters, welded with small water pipes to create 3 cakes. There are no tires on the market that can fit the giant rim of this car, so Chien uses solid rubber cut to fit the shape instead. In order to increase the friction of the tire, an wear-resistant tarpaulin is wrapped around the entire rubber part. Finally, the mandatory requirement is that the vehicle must be able to move like a normal bicycle by the power of the person pedaling and must have moving parts, so it can all be taken advantage of from ordinary bicycles. After 8 days of hard work, Chien’s team has perfected a 3-wheeled bicycle with two independent “drive” parts on the two rear wheels.

Appearing on the streets of Hanoi, the giant 3-wheeled bicycle has attracted the curiosity of many people.

It is very easy to cycle under the chassis because the height of this oversized bike is 2.5m.

Nguyen Dinh Chien, the creator of the giant bike, has perfected the 3-wheel bike
with two independent “drive” parts on the two rear wheels, taking advantage of ordinary bicycle parts.

The wheel has a diameter of 2m.

An oversized bike with 3 wheels in which the two rear wheels tilt to create stability.

Solid rubber is used as a tire to increase friction when the vehicle moves, a layer of wear-resistant canvas is wrapped around.

The car was built for a reality TV show.

The bike seems to operate quite smoothly with two cyclists.

Visitors look at the bicycle with an oversized cigarette.

On the day of trying out the giant bike, there were a lot of curious people coming to see it. It turns out to control this oversized bike with 5 seats is not easy. Although there is no need to worry about balance because the vehicle has three wheels, it is very difficult for the driver in the front to steer the vehicle in the right direction. In addition to the oversized height of more than 3m, each time the car’s legs shrug, the car tends to tilt to the sides. The solution to lower the vehicle’s height was quickly given, after shortening the height to 2.5 meters.

Finally, the giant bike is complete. Standing next to witness the car gently moving with the players during the recording session, Chien happily shared: “The work of making props is quite hard and it is not easy to receive this many orders. In addition to the extra income, I am even happier because I have the opportunity to make incredible products that customers are very satisfied with.”

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