Experience the Thrill of Snow Biking Like Never Before with a Saw Blade-Enhanced Wheel

Bike wheel with saw blade for riding on snow
Sergii Gordieiev, owner of YouTube channel The Q, “modified” his bike to be able to ride on snow by replacing two rubber wheels with two cogwheels the same size as the old one. At first, the gear didn’t go because it stuck to the ice, but after welding a small piece of steel placed perpendicular to each cog to create horizontal stability, the car moved smoothly on the surface. frozen lake. An ordinary bicycle in English is called a bicycle, but a bicycle riding on ice like this is called an ice cyle.

An ice cycle on display at the Museum of History in Wisconsin, USA.

Ice cycle has been used since the 1890s. The main design of this bike is that the front, instead of wheels like normal bicycles, is fitted with a horizontal steel bar with sliders on the ice ( like the sole of an ice skate); Meanwhile, the rear will be round wheels with specialized “tires”, usually made of metal or rubber with nails, to go on ice.

Back to the “custom” bike of the owner of The Q channel. After watching the video, you will surely have many questions about this bike. For example, can this car ride on a snow-covered road? What if running and accidentally falling or crashing into someone else? Although there were a few small steel bars placed horizontally to partially support it, a whole piece of metal hitting the body must have been very painful. What if when riding a bicycle, your foot hits the front wheel, which is very common when riding a normal bike? Sergii Gordieiev in the video also runs alone on a frozen lake without anyone. Either way, this is still an impressive bike.

Take the car out for a test drive for the first time. At this time, there are only gears, unable to run on snow because its teeth are stuck in the snow.

It’s too hard to run with one-way sharp teeth like this.

I don’t know how thick the ice is, but if it’s thin, it will fall into the lake.

After adding a rectangular piece of steel at each cog, the car was able to run more smoothly.

Look at the “bear”.

The video you can watch below.

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