Electric Bicycles’ Innovative Rain Cover Technology

1. AllWeatherBike with metal frame

The AllWeatherBike bike features a metal frame with a plastic film that can be pulled out in 3 seconds for rain protection and retracted in fine weather.

Tom Eisner pulls the plastic film of a new electric bicycle prototype. Photo:  AllWeatherBike

The AllWeatherBike electric bicycle designed by German businessman Tom Eisner can ride in the rain with an integrated roof,  New Atlas  reported on September 2. The bike is on display at the Eurobike trade fair, and Eisner is hoping to find a company that wants to build the vehicle.

2. Specifications

AllWeatherBike’s aluminum frame attaches two more curved metal bars on both sides and still ensures the rider’s coolness in favorable weather. When it rains, the driver can pull a transparent plastic film placed in a closed box in front of the handlebars to shield it. This only takes about three seconds.

3. Aesthetic design

The outer edge of the membrane slides along the grooves of two metal rods, helping to keep the membrane sufficiently taut. Once fully pulled up, its top end is bolted to a crossbar between two curved metal rods. When it stops raining, the driver just needs to remove the latch to let the film shrink back into the handlebar box. Basically, it works like the reverse version of the roller blinds for windows.

With two batteries attached, the AllWeatherBike has a range of more than 100 km. Photo:  AllWeatherBike

According to Eisner, the plastic film is quite durable and can withstand strong winds. The rider’s feet are also protected from the rain from the front by a rigid guard mounted on the side of the bike. The current prototype is capable of carrying two 750 Wh lithium battery packs and powered by a Bosch motor. At that time, the operating range of the car will be more than 100 km.

In addition to the rain cover, AllWeatherBike is equipped with disc brakes, belt drive system, front and rear racks, mudguards, kickstands, and height-adjustable saddle. Eisner has not provided information on the vehicle’s weight. However, its width is not too large compared to conventional bicycles, so it can run on bike lanes.

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