E-bikes have no spokes, “stealth” wheel arches and superior protection technology


Recently, technology company Beno has introduced the Reevo electric bike with a unique wheel design that has absolutely no spokes as usual.

In terms of exterior design, the Reevo is an electric bike like traditional bicycles. Reevo has a sturdy design; elegant and bold modern of the future.

Reevo . electric bikeReevo . electric bike

Most especially, the car has absolutely no spokes; The arch shaft is also removed. Tires rotate on a bearing; along the rim. This is Hubless Wheels technology previously only seen in electric motorcycle concepts.

Reevo . electric bike

The technology to completely remove the shaft and spokes is not detailed by Beno. But maybe this is a way to create a storage space for the car.

Reevo . electric bike

Taillights, signals and headlights are also integrated into the rims; thus helping to save the excess space on the car more perfectly. Beno is equipped with an integrated light sensor system on the vehicle. These sensors help detect darkness; and can automatically turn on and off the light.

Reevo . electric bike

Reevo uses a removable 48V battery block, located on the side of the car. Other details are encapsulated in the lower side of the car.

Reevo . electric bike

Beno also equipped with a Triple Barrier anti-theft sensor system for Reevo; 3 times more sensitive than current anti-theft technologies. Comes with a one-touch fingerprint sensor to lock and unlock the car.

Currently, Beno has not announced the engine specifications on the Reevo, but it is expected that it could use a 250W motor.

Beno also has not revealed the launch time and official price of the Reevo car. It is known that Reevo will be sold mainly in the European market.

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