Discover the Dutch EV: A Perfect Balance Between an Ebike and a Car

The LEF® is an innovative electric companion scooter from the Dutch electric scooter startup EV Mobility. The company was founded in 2013 and is dedicated to sustainable and eco-friendly mobility.

The LEF® is a companion scooter designed for safe driving performance and aerodynamics. The conical front window provides a wide viewing angle making the scooter the ideal solution for city exploration and travel, as well as weather conditions such as rain and snow.

The LEF® has a 1,000-watt electric motor in one of the rear wheels. The scooter has a top speed of 25 km/h.

The scooter is available with three battery options with a range of up to 90 km. The scooter can be charged at a regular electrical outlet.

LEF cargo spaceThe scooter is easy to get into and offers 50 liter cargo space behind.

The scooter offers a USB charging port for mobile phones.

The scooter provides a tow hook and can tow other LEF® electric scooters to form a fleet of scooters.

Scooter Train LEF®

The scooter is available in any color and features a custom business print. Scooters can be customized by the factory to meet business requirements.

The scooter can be ordered online and shipped worldwide.

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