121 CҺic And Stylish Ring tattoo Desιgns

Ring tattoos can make the fingers look attractive and no longer monotonous. Not only that, some clever designs can visually make the fingers slim and slender. This type of tattoo is equivalent to bracelet tattoos, and they are one of the best decorative tattoos. If you need a tattoo design that commemorates an engagement or affirms the relationship between couples, and I believe that ring tattoos will be one of the best options for you.


Wearing this niche tattoo will make you the focus of the crowd. Many ring tattoo designs are not only perfectly decorative but also have simple and easy-to-understand symbolic meanings. If you decide that the next ink is it, I suggest that the design should be fully personalized. A useful tip is that the easiest way is to incorporate personal style into an existing design. So these currently popular ring tattoo designs below are your best source of inspiration.

1. Wave And Moon Ring Tattoo

This combination of popular elements symbolizes beauty and romance. I bet it is difficult for you to find a design similar to this tattoo from real ring jewelry.

Wave and moon ring tattoo

2. Black Butterfly And Rose Ring Tattoo

This set of tattoos is gorgeous and cool. Although there is no ring in the design, I believe that the correct position will make people add it in their minds.

Black butterfly and rose ring tattoo

3. Number Ring Tattoo

There are endless stories and misses behind the numbers, and this simple ring tattoo has deep meaning.

Number ring tattoo

4. Flower Ring Tattoo

I think this tattoo design with bright colored flowers looks more perfect and eye-catching than any jewelry ring.

Flower ring tattoo

5. Bow Ring Tattoo

The bow is a unique and classic female symbol, so it is one of the best design elements for women’s ring tattoos.

Bow ring tattoo

6. Forest Ring Tattoo

This rustic ring tattoo design has two appearances. First, it looks like a forest, and second, it looks like a noble crown.

Forest ring tattoo

7. Colorful Dot Ring Tattoo

The colorful and vibrant color combination is very competitive, which makes this modern polka dot ring tattoo deeply attractive to everyone.

Colorful dot ring tattoo

8. Black Brushstroke Ring Tattoo

The brushstrokes are artistic design patterns, and the black ink keeps this tattoo always low-key.

Black brushstroke ring tattoo

9. Rope Ring Couple Tattoo

The knotted red rope looks very special, right? This unique couple ring tattoo symbolizes a love relationship that will not separate easily.

Rope ring couple tattoo

10. Black And White Thin Line Ring Tattoo

The classic black and white color matching make this ring tattoo not monotonous. Part of the inspiration for this design comes from the ancient yin and yang symbols.

Black and white thin line ring tattoo

11. Arrow Ring Tattoo

The extremely simplified arrow symbol visually stretches the length of the finger. This ring tattoo without major commitments will make the wearer’s fingers look slim and slender.

Arrow ring tattoo

12. Red Thin Line Couple Ring Tattoo

Red has many symbolic meanings, such as love, passion, romance, loyalty, and more. These words and their meanings are very important and valuable to marriage.

Red thin line couple ring tattoo

13. Personalized Ring Tattoo

In my opinion, a highly personalized tattoo design is a perfect combination of patterns and colors that you like.

Personalized ring tattoo

14. Plant Ring Tattoo

What kind of patterns or symbols can create a rustic and elegant ring tattoo? My answer is plants.

Plant ring tattoo

15. Geometric Ring Tattoo

Ring tattoos created using geometric patterns look both fun and avant-garde.

Geometric ring tattoo

16. Cute Heart Couple Ring Tattoo

The combination of the initials of the name and the love symbol makes this couple ring tattoo look cute and has a certain meaning and commemorative purpose.

Cute heart couple ring tattoo

17. Flame Ring Tattoo

The flame is a retro and fashionable pattern. It symbolizes a positive meaning. People who wear this tattoo must love life and be good at helping others.

Flame ring tattoo

18. Sunrise Ring Tattoo

Every sunrise means a new beginning. This ring tattoo serves as a reminder.

Sunrise ring tattoo

19. Minimalist Couple Ring Tattoo

The distance between the two thin lines is the same as the width of the thick black line. In other words, these two ring tattoo designs are complementary.

Minimalist couple ring tattoo

20. Family Ring Tattoo

There is an unwritten rule in tattoo art design. If an element is reused three times or more in the design, then this tattoo is probably for the family.

Family ring tattoo

21. Creative Line Ring Tattoo

The most commonly used element in ring tattoo design is the line. This element is changeable and the only limit is imagination.

Creative line ring tattoo

Celtic Patterns and Knots

Celtic patterns and knots make great wedding ring tattoos.


Many people incorporate a cross into their design.

Wedding Date

Tiny Heart

His & Hers

Infinity Symbol

Initials and Names



Simple Band

Matching Symbols

Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas

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