100 trendy and IrresisTible tatToo Ideas foɾ Gιrls

GeTtιng a Tattoo Һas become a trend nowɑdays since they are a matter of fashion and a way to improve looks and express personaƖity. Unlike men, who geneɾally prefeɾ Ƅigger and intricate tattoos, gιrƖs ᴜsualƖy choose smaller, simple ɑnd more delιcate designs. For gιrls, tattoos ɑre linked to style but also teƖƖ stories and carry syмƄolic meɑnings.

Among TҺe mosT popular Tattoo designs preferred Ƅy girls are flowers, animals, Ƅiɾds, butterflies and anything thaT cɑn be rendered in a moɾe delιcɑte and preTTy way.

As foɾ the place foɾ a Tattoo, it can be chosen deρending on the design and size. Girls ᴜsually prefer to ink the most sensuɑƖ pɑrts of theιr bodies including TҺe eaɾ loƄe, ribs, colƖar Ƅone, and chest. OTher pƖaces on the body pɾeferred Ƅy girƖs are The ankle, wɾisT, beҺind the ear, bacк of The neck, shoulders, Ɩeg pɑw, and hands – usᴜally on fingers.

If you are lookιng foɾ inspiɾɑtion for a permanent Tattoo, see below our colƖection wiTh the mosT Trendy and ιrresistibƖe tɑttoo ιdeɑs for girls.



#1 Floral Crescent Moon Tattoo on Back ShoulderFloral Crescent Moon Tattoo by tattooist_karin Photo: tattooist_karin

#2 Elegant Hand Poked Botanical Tattoo on FingerHand Poked Botanical Tattoo on Finger by laramaju Photo: laramaju

#3 Red Rose Tattoo on Inner ForearmRed Rose Tattoo on Inner Forearm by samanthatattoo Photo: samanthatattoo

#4 Half Lotus Half Butterfly TattooHalf Lotus Half Butterfly Tattoo by balazsbercsenyi Photo: balazsbercsenyi

#5 Tiny White Ink Cloud Tattoo on FingerTiny White Ink Cloud Tattoo on Finger by wickynicky Photo: wickynicky

#6 Floral Butterfly on ThighFloral Butterfly Tattoo on Thigh by v.shevchenkottt Photo: v.shevchenkottt

#7 Taurus Constellation Tattoo on Collar BoneWatercolor Taurus Constellation Tattoo by tattooist_up Photo: tattooist_up

#8 Watercolor Feather Tattoo on ThighWatercolor Feather Tattoo on Thigh by botykanna Photo: botykanna

#9 La La Land Tattoo on Inner ForearmLa La Land Tattoo by tattooistmuha Photo: tattooistmuha

#10 Geometric Moon Tattoo on Upper BackGeometric Moon Tattoo by ilwolhongdam

#11 Little Flying Bird Tattoo on Back ShoulderLittle Flying Bird Tattoo by tattooist_ty Photo: tattooist_ty

#12 Framed Girl Holding FlowersFramed Girl Holding Flowers by drag_ink Photo: drag_ink

#13 Beautiful Daisy Flower Tattoo on BackBeautiful Daisy Flower Tattoo on Back by samanthatattoo Photo: samanthatattoo

#14 Colored Origami Cranes Colored Origami Cranes by tattooist_banul Photo: tattooist_banul

#15 Lovely Snowflake Tattoo on ArmLovely Snowflake Tattoo on Arm by turan.artPhoto: turan.art

#16 Splendid Roses on ShoulderSplendid Roses on Shoulder by panta_choiPhoto: panta_choi

#17 Subtle Peach Tattoo on ArmSubtle Peach Tattoo by wittybutton_tattooPhoto: wittybutton_tattoo

#18 Minimalist Cat SilhouetteMinimalist Cat Silhouette by jakubnowicztattoo Photo: jakubnowicztattoo

#19 Little Strawberry Tattoo on ThighLittle Strawberry Tattoo on Thigh by tattooist_doy Photo: tattooist_doy

#20 A Cherry Twig on ForearmA Cherry Twig Tattoo on Forearm by victoriascarlet93 Photo: victoriascarlet93

#21 Lovely Unicorn and Heart on Back ShoulderUnicorn and Heart Tattoo by martha_bocharova Photo: martha_bocharova

#22 Adorable Deer Tattoo on ThighAdorable Deer Tattoo on Thigh by tattoowithme Photo: tattoowithme

#23 Almond Blossoms in CircleAlmond Blossoms in Circle by jefreenaderali Photo: jefreenaderali

#24 Floral Origami Bird Floral Origami Bird Tattoo by natsi_tattooPhoto: natsi_tattoo

#25 Little Running Horse TattooLittle Running Horse Tattoo by dasi_bom Photo: dasi_bom

#26 Sketch Style Lotus Flower Tattoo on Back of NeckSketch Style Lotus Flower Tattoo by stellatxttoo Photo: stellatxttoo

#27 Galactic Fox Tattoo on WristGalactic Fox Tattoo on Wrist by tattoowithme Photo: tattoowithme

#28 Beautiful Landscape Tattoo on BicepBeautiful Landscape Tattoo by lena_fedchenko Photo: lena_fedchenko

#29 Cute Little Pet Portrait Cute Little Pet Portrait by ssukim_tattoo Photo: ssukim_tattoo

#30 Black and Grey Floral Tattoo on RibsBlack and Grey Floral Tattoo on Ribs by ps.rus Photo: ps.rus

#31 Matching ‘GRL PWR’ TattoosMatching 'GRL PWR' Tattoos by lunamothtattooPhoto: lunamothtattoo

#32 Gorgeous Deer Tree TattooGorgeous Deer Tree Tattoo by cansuolga Photo: cansuolga

#33 Orca Whale and Pink Flowers on Left ThighOrca Whale and Pink Flowers Tattoo by yershova_anna Photo: yershova_anna

#34 Beautiful Red Roses Beautiful Red Roses Tattoo by stellatxttooPhoto: stellatxttoo

#35 Miniature Birds on Inner ForearmMiniature Birds on Inner Forearm by wittybutton_tattoo Photo: wittybutton_tattoo

#36 Blue Ink Dolphin Tattoo on AnkleBlue Ink Dolphin Tattoo on Ankle by woori_tattoo Photo: woori_tattoo

#37 Circular Blue Rose TattooCircular Blue Rose Tattoo by natsi_tattoo Photo: natsi_tattoo

#38 Ice Cream and Flowers on AnkleIce Cream and Flowers on Ankle by tattooist_flower Photo: tattooist_flower

#39 Colored Butterfly Tattoo on ChestColored Butterfly Tattoo on Chest by pezzeepPhoto: pezzeep

#40 Elegant Black Ink Rose Tattoo Elegant Black Ink Rose Tattoo by mo1ido Photo: mo1ido

#41 Handpoked Little Tree Tattoo on ArmHandpoked Little Tree Tattoo by pontotattoo Photo: pontotattoo

#42 Colored Heart and Flower Colored Heart and Flower by valeriatattooing Photo: valeriatattooing

#43 Watercolor Geometric Robin Bird Watercolor Geometric Robin Bird by versusink Photo: versusink

#44 Charming Tulip Tattoo on ForearmCharming Tulip Tattoo on Forearm by magdalena_bujakPhoto: magdalena_bujak

#45 ‘My Body My Rules’ Floral Thigh PieceFloral Thigh Tattoo by phoebejhunter Photo: phoebejhunter

#46 Cute Succulent Terrarium TattooCute Succulent Terrarium Tattoo by lu_lorammartin_tattoos Photo: lu_lorammartin_tattoos

#47 Creative Dandelion Tattoo on Back Creative Dandelion Tattoo by jeffchewtattoo Photo: jeffchewtattoo

#48 The Wizard of Oz TattooThe Wizard of Oz Tattoo by evakrbdk Photo: evakrbdk

#49 Floral Wolf Tattoo on Upper BackFloral Wolf Tattoo by goldy_zPhoto: goldy_z

#50 Colored Matching Unicorns on SistersColored Matching Unicorns on Sisters by sashaunisex Photo: sashaunisex

#51 Little Centaurus Tattoo and TriangleLittle Centaurus Tattoo and Triangle by ilwolhongdam Photo: ilwolhongdam

#52 Adorable Beluga Whale Tattoo on WristAdorable Beluga Whale Tattoo by tattooist_silo Photo: tattooist_silo

#53 Sweet Panda Bear Tattoo on Back Shoulder Sweet Panda Bear Tattoo by martyna_popiel Photo: martyna_popiel

#54 Crescent Moon Tattoo on NeckCrescent Moon Tattoo by tattooist_ida Photo: tattooist_ida

#55 Magnificent Mountains on RibsMagnificent Mountains on Ribs by emmk_a Photo: emmk_a

#56 Half Sleeve Geometric PatternsGeometric Half Sleeve Tattoo by briangomes Photo: briangomes

#57 Elegant Gingko Leaf Tattoo on SpineElegant Gingko Leaf Tattoo by mcapocci Photo: mcapocci

#58 Realistic Calla Tattoo on BellyRealistic Calla Tattoo on Belly by woori_tattoo Photo: woori_tattoo

#59 Lace Bow Tattoo on ArmLace Bow Tattoo on Arm by jeffchewtattooPhoto: jeffchewtattoo

#60 Little Rainbow Tattoo on Inner ForearmLittle Rainbow Tattoo by georgiagreynyc Photo: georgiagreynyc

#61 Subtle Tree Tattoo on Back of NeckDelicate Tree Tattoo by tattooist_sodam Photo: tattooist_sodam

#62 Delicate Lavender Tattoo on Collar BoneDelicate Lavender Tattoo by vt_kazantsev Photo: vt_kazantsev

#63 Blackwork Sunflower Tattoo on SideBlackwork Sunflower Tattoo on Side by katyavlis_tattoo Photo: katyavlis_tattoo

#64 Micro Planet Tattoo on Wrist Micro Planet Tattoo on Wrist by shortyloco Photo: shortyloco

#65 Minimalist Single Line Whale TattooMinimalist Single Line Whale Tattoo by torilitattoo Photo: torilitattoo

#66 Gorgeous Sternum TattooGorgeous Sternum Tattoo by sarahbbolen Photo: sarahbbolen

#67 Pretty Flowers on FingersPretty Flowers on Fingers by ratcult Photo: ratcult

#68 Pink Chrysanthemum Tattoo on Arm Pink Chrysanthemum Tattoo on Arm by miiss.lee Photo: miiss.lee

#69 Hand Poked Running Bunny TattooHand Poked Running Bunny Tattoo by madame_unikatPhoto: madame_unikat

#70 Watercolor Bird with Palm Tree and FlowersWatercolor Bird with Palm Tree and Flowers by tattooist_silo Photo: tattooist_silo

#71 Laurel Wreath Tattoo on Upper Back Laurel Wreath Tattoo by pnhi.iro Photo: pnhi.iro

#72 Circular Landscape with Full Moon Circular Landscape with Full Moon by woori_tattoo Photo: woori_tattoo

#73 Tiny DNA Cat Tattoo on WristTiny DNA Cat Tattoo on Wrist by nothingwildtattooPhoto: nothingwildtattoo

#74 Polygonal Lioness Tattoo on Back Polygonal Lioness Tattoo by _park_tae_Photo: _park_tae_

#75 Colored Little Owl Tattoo on Leg Colored Little Owl Tattoo by robcarvalhoart Photo: robcarvalhoart

#76 Floral Anatomical Heart Tattoo on BicepFloral Anatomical Heart Tattoo by dindottattoo Photo: dindottattoo

#77 Colorful Hourglass TattooColorful Hourglass Tattoo by luiza.blackbird Photo: luiza.blackbird

#78 Watercolour Mandala Tattoo on RibsWatercolour Mandala Tattoo on Ribs by bensongascon Photo: bensongascon

#79 Fine Lines Dreamcatcher Tattoo and RoseFine Lines Dreamcatcher Tattoo and Rose by mcapocciPhoto: mcapocci

#80 Tiny Butterfly Wings on RibsTiny Butterfly Wings on Ribs by evantattoo Photo: evantattoo

#81 Russian Nesting Doll Tattoo on SideRussian Nesting Doll Tattoo on Side by evgenymel Photo: evgenymel

#82 Linework Hamsa Tattoo with LotusLinework Hamsa Tattoo with Lotus by nesheva_ulyana Photo: nesheva_ulyana

#83 Splendid Feminine Tattoo Design on Hip Photo: tritoan__seventhday

#84 Half Geometric Half Floral Bird Tattoo on Back Half Geometric Half Floral Bird Tattoo by noamyonatattoosPhoto: noamyonatattoos

#85 Dotwork Hummingbird Tattoo on ShoulderDotwork Hummingbird Tattoo by brusimoes Photo: brusimoes

#86 Colorful Peacock TattooColorful Peacock Tattoo by momori_ink Photo: momori_ink

#87 Ultra Minimalist Wave TattooUltra Minimalist Wave Tattoo by bensongascon Photo: bensongascon

#88 Geometric Butterfly Tattoo on FootGeometric Butterfly Tattoo by rachainsworthPhoto: rachainsworth

#89 Minimalist Branch Tattoo in a CircleMinimalist Branch Tattoo in a Circle by nothingwildtattoo Photo: nothingwildtattoo

#90 Tiny Colored Snowflakes on WristTiny Colored Snowflakes on Wrist by tattooist_dal Photo: tattooist_dal

#91 Wonderful Floral Bracelet Tattoo Wonderful Floral Bracelet Tattoo by hktattoo_mini Photo: hktattoo_mini

#92 Hand Poked Infinity Sign TattooHand Poked Infinity Sign Tattoo by tattooist_bakaPhoto: tattooist_baka

#93 Gorgeous Ballerina Tattoo on AnkleGorgeous Ballerina Tattoo by hakanadik Photo: hakanadik

#94 Linework and Dotwork Mandala Tattoo on Back Linework and Dotwork Mandala Tattoo on Back by wagnerbasei Photo: wagnerbasei

#95 Adorable Cosmic Cat Tattoo Cosmic Cat Tattoo by tattoowithme Photo: tattoowithme

#96 Double Exposure Moth TattooDouble Exposure Moth Tattoo by klaudia_holda Photo: klaudia_holda

#97 Wonderful Nature Inspired Tattoo on Back ShoulderWonderful Nature Inspired Tattoo by tattooist_doyPhoto: tattooist_doy

#98 Watercolor Floating Mandala City Watercolor Floating Mandala City by amberrobyntattoos Photo: amberrobyntattoos

#99 Sweet Pomegranate Tattoo on Thigh Sweet Pomegranate Tattoo on Thigh by yar.putPhoto: yar.put

#100 Floral Female Symbol TattooFloral Female Symbol Tattoo by zihee_tattooPhoto: zihee_tattoo

















































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