Do you like wing symbols and wing tattoos? If you’re a fan of sentimental pieces you will also enjoy browsing through this article. Here and today, we are going to talk about some cool wing prints that will intrigue you. Keep on reading and understand its meaning and find the perfect pair of wings for yourself down below.

Wings Tattoo: FAQ

Wings Tattoo FAQ
Credit: Instagram

1. What Does A Wing Tattoo Represent?

A wing tattoo can represent loads of different things that are important to you. In most men and women wing tattoos can symbolize your inner and deep spiritual connection to someone you love or to someone that you have lost. If you’re a fan of sentimental tattoos and pieces that are easy to adjust per your style, a pair of wings in color or simple black and white ink will suit you.

2. Who Can Go For A Wing Tattoo?

Anyone can go for a wing tattoo. There are no specific requirements that one has to meet in order to get this design. If you’re looking for a delicate and sentimental tattoo, as well as something that shows either your love or freedom, consider this piece. A pair of wings will show that you’re a free individual and someone who knows how to live your best life at any moment and that no one can stop you or hold you down.

3. What Is The Best Placement For This Tattoo?

Placements will vary from one person to the other, as well as depending on your gender. For most women, a convenient way and placement for this design is across their back to mimic the vibe of actual wings.

You’ll look like an angel yourself, so why not consider this? Guys, on the other hand, like to place a pair of wings across their masculine chest. You can go for any placement that speaks to you the loudest, such as your arm, forearm, leg, thigh, neck, etc.

4. What Is The Price For This Tattoo?

A pair of wings can vary in price. This depends a lot on the size and colors used for the tattooing process. In most cases, you’ll pay around $80 for a super small and delicate pair of wings, while bigger tattoos done across the back and in color can go for $300. The bigger it is, the pricier in the end.

Black & White Wings Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Tattoo Eagle Wings For Men

Tattoo Eagle Wings For Men
Image Source:@garpia_tattoo

Go with this giant black ink tattoo and express your bold side with these pairs of wings. Guys who work out and men who are proud of their physique will enjoy this outcome. If you are in your thirties and you’re looking for something that is masculine and dominant, this is it! Heads up since wings such as these will take you 4-6 hours to complete.

2. Tattoo Wings Design

Tattoo Wings Design
Image Source:@tattoomsantceloni

This pair of wings and these boxing gloves will suit true dominant males and fighters. If you wish to assert dominance and your favorite fighter has passed away just know that you can show your love and pay your respects with this design. Men who like to look masculine and dominant will like this adrenaline-boosting print.

3. Angel Wings Heart Symbol

Angel Wings Heart Symbol
Image Source:@megie_marketa

How about you consider these cute and small wings? You can place them on your arm or palm and have the world sink in their beauty! Those who are afraid of the needle and the tattooing process will like this piece, especially if you wish to look elegant and seek attention at any given moment. Black ink will look and work so well with this concept.

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4. Neck Wing Tattoo

Neck Wing Tattoo
Image Source:@m.ink.tattoo

Guys who love to seek all the attention and get looks from people around them will enjoy this tattoo. Neck placements are not for everyone, which means that you should be brave enough and bold enough to wear something like this. Neck tattoos are painful to go for, so make sure that you’re equipped with patience. This tattoo will show that you’re a good Christian and someone who is close to their faith in one unique way.

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5. Black Leg Tattoos Wing Design

Black Leg Tattoos Wing Design
Image Source:@kiba_tattoo

Do you dare to wear this design? Not a lot of people are capable of rocking this print. Go for this tattoo over your legs or your calves if you’re someone who works out. This wing print on both legs will make you look like a bold guy. If you work out and you have a masculine physique you’re going to like this outcome. It will suit younger men the best!

6. Small Forearm Wing Tattoo

Small Forearm Wing Tattoo
Image Source:@neoblast_tattoostudio

Has someone you love passed away? Do you want to show your love and appreciation for that person? If so, consider these cool wings and place them on your arm along with an important date. You can go for their day of birth or their day of passing by. Stick to something that is personal and that has made an impact on you.

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7. Angel Wings Tattoo

Angel Wings Tattoo
Image Source:@cardnstattoo

This small forearm tattoo is for those who enjoy a cute and minimalist approach to their design. If you dislike the needle and you’re scared of the process consider this outcome. Cute wings such as these will take you less than one hour to place on top of your skin. Show off your love for angels and extraordinary things with this concept, you’re going to love it!

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8. Back Tattoo Wings

Back Tattoo Wings
Image Source:@tattoo_tagil

A lot of women enjoy wearing back tattoos. If you’re into promiscuous designs and you’re not afraid of showing off your “open” side, you’re going to enjoy this back tattoo. It will suit younger women as well as teens who are playful. Make sure that you have time and patience when it comes to this wing design.

9. Tattoo Wings Angel Print

Tattoo Wings Angel Print
Image Source:@tetovazancija

Some guys enjoy elegant and flashy tattoos. This design might suit younger men the best. If you’re in your twenties you will enjoy this attention-seeking piece. Make sure that you have some hours to spare since this design is not as easy to achieve. Detailed wings and this concept will make you look like an energetic guy who’s always on the hunt for the truth.

10. Thigh Tattoo Wings

Thigh Tattoo Wings
Image Source:@eduard.artt

Are you a girl who likes to seek looks and loves her sex appeal? If you’re someone who is eager to look good and you know that you can pull anything off, go with this tattoo! It will define your beauty and your curves while showing to the world that you’re someone who likes to look flirty and sexy. It will take you several hours to get this masterpiece, so be prepared mentally and financially before you give it a go.

11. Black Ink Neck Tattoo

Black Ink Neck Tattoo
Image Source:@neoblast_tattoostudio

Neck tattoos are for those who like cute and minimalist ideas. If you prefer cute ink and you’re someone who wants to hide your design, this tattoo will suit you since you can cover it with your hair. These wings will suit you since they will represent your creative side and your will to fly and relax at any given moment.

12. Chest Wings Tattoos

Chest Wings Tattoos
Image Source:@tattoorez72

Chest tattoos are for those who like to show off their masculine and powerful side. This design will suit those who are powerful and naturally driven by their energy. If you work out and you can tell good from bad, this is for you. It will show your dominant and caring side, all in one!

13. Stomach Wing Tattoo For Men

Stomach Wing Tattoo For Men
Image Source:@emilia_paw_arts

This side stomach tattoo is for men who are not afraid of the needle. The stomach is a sensitive area, meaning that it will suit only those who can withstand the pain. This tattoo will show your love and care for an angel who is looking after you from now on. If you have someone above and you’re ready to show your respect for them, this will suit you. Let the whole world see your new tattoo and be aware of your emotions.

14. Wing Tattoo For Women

Wing Tattoo For Women
Image Source:@victoriahartart

A back tattoo such as this one is cute and feminine. Women who like fairies and those who enjoy the beauty of mystical elements and feminine creatures will enjoy this cute concept. Show that you can spread your wings and that you will hug the world with your positivity. Nothing will come your way since you will overcome everything in your own perky way.

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15. Back Tattoo Wings For Men

Back Tattoo Wings For Men
Image Source:@leandroelvis

Guys can also go for wing tattoos over their backs. If you want to look like a mystical dude and you’re not afraid of bigger tattoos, give it a go with this one. Black ink will suit this wing concept the best. Make sure that you have 6-8 hours to spare when it comes to this idea.

16. Crown & Wings Tattoo

Crown & Wings Tattoo
Image Source:@tattoosepi

Go for a pair of wings and a crown detail. This tattoo will make you look appreciative of someone special in your life. If you have someone who has passed away and you think of them as your angel, consider this print. You will let the world know that they are your favorite king or queen.

17. Forearm Tattoo Wing Print

Forearm Tattoo Wing Print
Image Source:@slingerstattoo

How about this cool wing concept? Go for a well-shaded design and add a saying “I got this” to remind yourself that you can overcome anything. You will enjoy looking like a truly powerful warrior who has been through it all. This tattoo will look the best on idealists and those who can enjoy artsy prints.

18. Wings Tattoos Design With A Rose Tattoo

Wings Tattoos Design With A Rose Tattoo
Image Source:@ivanpaolini_tattoo

Has your angel passed away? Have you been struggling with depression of any sort? If that is the case you’re going to like this tattoo with a rose symbol. Add a pair of wings and consider adding a halo. Once done the right way this tattoo will make you look like a caring and passionate soul. Let everyone know how close you have been to your person.

19. Back Shoulder Wing Tattoos

Back Shoulder Wing Tattoos
Image Source:@beretta_tattoo

Do you fully trust your tattoo artist? What is their level of experience? If they know how to do big and giant tattoos this one will suit you. Show off your bold side and your creativity with this pair of wings. A tattoo such as this one will take your tattoo artist around 10 hours to achieve. Just remember that patience is key in this case.

20. Small Pair Of Wings

Small Pair Of Wings
Image Source:Instagram

Smaller wings will suit those who like elegance and cute tattoos. Do you know how to rock and appreciate sentimental pieces? Show to the world that you’re fully ready to adapt to your surroundings and that you’re a peaceful nature-driven guy or girl.

Colorful Wing Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Giant Thigh Tattoo Colorful Idea

Giant Thigh Tattoo Colorful Idea
Image Source:@kristinataylor_tattoo

Some people prefer a bit more color to their tattoos. Are you one of them? If so, these fierce wings will suit you. Place them over your thigh and let the world see that you’re a positive soul who loves to look elegant. This color combo will make you look like an energetic soul who’s ready to make a statement at any given moment.

2. Fiery Wings For Women

Fiery Wings For Women
Image Source:@art_otragenie

Giant and a gorgeous back tattoo of sleek wings that you’re going to adore! If you’re into precise and colorful tattoos and you want to look like a true stylish girl this will suit you. These colors will make you look powerful and feminine while showing that you’re capable of expressing yourself in your own romantic way.

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3. Retro & Unique Wing Tattoos

Retro & Unique Wing Tattoos
Image Source:@croccistudios

Some people like quirky and funky tattoos a bit more than plain ones. Do you want to show off your retro side? If so, go with this eyeball design and add a pair of wings. You will look like an artsy and energetic person who’s always up for some “fly” type of fun.

4. Back Tattoo Angel Wings

Back Tattoo Angel Wings
Image Source:@copperbottomedtattoostudio

Most guys like to show love to their parents with this type of tattoo. If your mom is your angel you’re going to like this tattoo. Let your parent know that they are your favorite person and that you always want to have them by your side and watching your back.

5. Colorful Wings Feather Tattoo

Colorful Wings Feather Tattoo
Image Source:@haleyatcredible

Do you enjoy retro colors? This design and these cool watercolor wings are for those who are super creative. Show that you’re up for some fun and that you’re always going to give all you have to others around you. Both men and women will like this design just as equally.

6. Black Angel Tattoo

Black Angel Tattoo
Image Source:@flayme_tattoo

You can totally spice up your tattoo and go for something like this. If you are a nurse or if you know of a nurse you’re going to like this tattoo. It will show the world that you have someone who has saved your life. You are appreciative and deeply connected with your angel in one unique way.

7. Green Wings Peacock Tattoo

Green Wings Peacock Tattoo
Image Source:@craigsmithtattoos

Such a cool and colorful tattoo! If you’re someone who prefers color and green is your favorite color you’re going to like this design. Create whatever you want with it and show that you’re optimistic when it comes to your future. You are like a peacock with these colors, as well as always ready to amuse others around you.

8. Blue Tattoos Wings

Blue Tattoos Wings
Image Source:@tattoosbykatiemarie

Add these cool blue feathers to your tattoo. If you’re in your twenties this design is for you. Blue is a color of royalty and elegance. If you’re a brave person who loves to stand out and seek attention with your chosen print, this is ideal for you! Make sure that you’re well-equipped with your money since colorful tattoos are a bit pricier to go for.

9. Neck Tattoo For Men With Wings

Neck Tattoo For Men With Wings
Image Source:@tattoo_poorya

Neck tattoos are not for everyone. They are not everyone’s cup of tea, which means that you should go for them only if you’re ready for the pain factor. Add a stylish and colorful diamond gem in the middle, and go for a pair of wings on the side. You will look like a creative guy who doesn’t care about the world since you are a gem in your own way!

10. Tattoo Wing Design Watercolor Image

Tattoo Wing Design Watercolor Image
Image Source:@sugartattooart

This side stomach tattoo is for those who like to look risky. The color combo is feminine and perfect for elegant girls. The placement can be tricky since it is so close and near to your ribs. Women who can handle the pressure and feeling of the needle pressed against their skin will like this design. It is a bit pricier due to the water splash print, so heads up in advance.

11. Realistic Blue Wing Tattoo

Realistic Blue Wing Tattoo
Image Source:@rowansnafu

If blue is your favorite color go with this design. These cool and cute wings will make you look like an artist who craves attention. Show that you’re always ready to try out a new experience and that you can’t wait to show your dominance with this fierce wing print.

12. Blue Tattoo On Neck

Blue Tattoo On Neck
Image Source:@fv.tattoo

Get this neck or back tattoo if you’re someone who likes to create and shine with your chosen tattoo! Men or women who want to get an actual pair of wings will like this concept. Let the world know you for your bold side and your experimenting with new tattoos. This faded and washed-out concept will make you look like a true warrior with an eye for sleek elegant tattoos.

13. Forearm Wing Tattoo Design

Forearm Wing Tattoo Design
Image Source:@tattoo_octopus

This tattoo is a true piece of art, wouldn’t you agree? Do you trust your tattoo artists and you believe that he or she can create such elegant designs? If you’re a fan of mystical-looking color and you want your tattoo to show your true side and your unique persona, give this a go! The end result will demand some patience and a flexible budget to fully nail and get to look just right.

14. Artsy Eagle Wing Tattoo

Artsy Eagle Wing Tattoo
Image Source:evgentattoo1@3

Is green one of your favorite colors? Do you like to stand out with your quirky and retro tattoos? This feather and wing symbol will make you the star of the show. These colors usually show a person who has had their turbulence, while budget-wise you should be quite flexible since this tattoo can be pricey.

15. Colorful Wings On Arm

Colorful Wings On Arm
Image Source:@raccoon_tattoo

If green is your favorite color you’re going to like this outcome. This design shows a person who is a natural seeker and an optimist. Show that you’re ready to conquer the world and spread your wings so high to reach and gain your full potential!

16. Watercolor Wing Print

Watercolor Wing Print
Image Source:@ccchampion_ink

Do you enjoy abstract art? Are you a fan of colorful ideas and something that no one else can have or wear? Just know that you’re going to be one of the rare souls who are going to have this tattoo. The final result shows a person who has had his or her fair share of fun, and now is ready to begin a new chapter and a new journey!

17. Back Tattoo All Over Wing Design

Back Tattoo All Over Wing Design
Image Source:@pinkyraetattoo

Not everyone knows how to do such giant and extravagant tattoos. Does your tattoo artist know, and do you fully trust him or her when it comes to this design? Heads up since it will take several attempts and visitations to fully master and nail this print. You’re looking at 10+ hours spent at a tattoo shop, but just know that the final outcome is priceless and so unique!

18. Bird Tattoo Wings

Bird Tattoo Wings
Image Source:@jarvotattoo

Lastly, we have this winged concept and this brave and giant eagle. Do you like flashy and scary tattoos? Does your tattoo artist know how to do dramatic back prints? Anyone who is skilled and those who dare will like this outcome. Make sure that you have 500$+ in your wallet since this design can get pretty pricey.

Ready For A ‘’Fly’’ Tattoo?

Which one pair of wings you can’t wait to try out yourself? Let us know your favorite design out of these options. We can’t wait to see you rocking something fun and new.

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