Tattooing Angelic Messages: 57 Angel Number Tattoos Explained

If you keep seeing the same numbers repeatedly in your dreams or real life, it could be an angel number.

An angel number is a sequence of numbers believed to convey messages from the Universe. Typically, it comprises three or four repeating numbers, like 333 or 777, each with its own meaning. And it may appear in unexpected ways, such as a stranger’s phone number or a car’s license plate.

Many people believe that angel numbers offer divine guidance and serve as personal connections to the divine. These numbers often indicate the paths people should take, and as a result, an increasing number of people are getting angel number tattoos on various parts of their bodies. These tattoos help them stay focused on their goals and true to their values.

Angel number tattoos typically feature only the numbers, conveying the wearer’s beliefs in a sleek, straightforward way. However, since not everyone understands the meanings of these numbers, they can be a mystery code that arouses the viewer’s curiosity.

If you want to know more about the meaning behind each angel number, or you want to get an angel number tattoo, this post is for you. From small to bold, these angel number designs are not only elegant decorations on the skin. They can also be a spiritual symbol that guides you through uncertainties.

Disclaimer: This collection of angel number tattoos is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Angel number tattoos with meaning

It’s worth noting that there are many different angel number combinations. Though often in the form of three or four digits, an angel number may also contain one, two, or more digits, adding to the diversity of meanings.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the most frequently seen angel number tattoo ideas. Feel free to incorporate the designs with your angel number if it’s not included.

111 Angel number tattoos

As the first natural number following zero, one is often associated with new beginnings and rebirth. That’s why if you see the number 111 appearing repeatedly, it may suggest that a new life chapter awaits.

111 also suggests that you are on the right path. Seeing this angel number will inspire people to go for what they want. And that’s why they get 111 tattoos – to be more courageous in starting something new.

In terms of relationships, 111 is a reaffirmation to trust your gut. That means if you are in a relationship that brings you joy and lifts you up, you have found the right person. If not, you should listen to your heart and leave for good, as someone better will soon appear. And as a result, 111 can be a tattoo for those who just experienced a breakup, as it helps them to let go and move forward.

Matching angel number tattoos on the forearm

111 angel number tattoo by @anntatts


Having a best friend or significant other who connects to the Universe at the same level is a blessing. Minimalist matching tattoos like these angel numbers, in this case, will be a tribute to the love or friendship you share.

111 wrist tattoo

111 angel number tattoo by @_jaggeytattoo


Due to their visibility, wrist tattoos are often reminders of one’s values, beliefs, or life mottos. For example, the 111 shown in this design will constantly remind the wearer to believe in his intuition and the power of a new beginning.

Scorpion and angel number

111 angel number tattoo by @davidowatattoo


While zodiac tattoos represent one’s identity and personality traits, angel number tattoos symbolize one’s priorities and values. Together, the two elements inspire the wearer to stay true to herself and embrace her qualities.

111 in bold

111 angel number tattoo by

Just like quote tattoos or word tattoos, changing the font of an angel number can greatly alter the style of the entire design. And this bold blackwork is a good example. Compared to fine-line designs, it embodies a sense of strength and confidence, showing the wearer’s belief in the guidance she receives.

Small angel number tattoo on the arm

111 angel number tattoo by @becca_tattoo


222 Angel number tattoos

In numerology, 2 is the number of a pair, symbolizing one’s relationships and partnerships with others. As a result, the angel number 222 is often associated with connection and love life, implying that those who see the numbers are in a cultivating relationship or have a strong support system.

2 can also represent two aspects or opposing energies, such as work and life, yin and yang. For this reason, the 222 angel number reminds you always to seek balance and protect one’s inner peace.

Stars and angel number

222 angel number tattoo by @itsspcb_ink


Infinity initial tattoo and 222

222 angel number tattoo by @raisedbyspirits


This tattoo on the thigh incorporates the infinity symbol, the wearer’s initial, and her angel number, 222. Infinity tattoos, usually in the form of a horizontal figure 8, symbolize eternity. The initial and angel number add to its meaning as they represent the identity of the wearer.

Together, this meaningful tattoo will be a tribute to love or a powerful reminder to cherish the love and support one gets from her circle.

222 on the cleavage

222 angel number tattoo by @thatgirlnamedgg


Between-the-boob tattoos are usually small and simple to fit in such a narrow space. And an angel number meets both requirements when placed vertically.

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Matching 222 arm tattoos

Matching 222 angel number tattoos by @jhai_gaxiola_tattoo


Matching 222 wrist tattoos

222 angel number tattoo by @carlosalberto_tattoo


Do you have a BFF that shares the same values or receives the same guidance you do? If so, these matching best friend tattoos are a cute way to honor your connection.

222 angel number ankle tattoo

222 angel number ankle tattoo by @pelinnsimsek


Ankle tattoos are increasingly popular because of their medium exposure. On the one hand, they are not as visible as finger or hand tattoos. On the other, they are not fully covered like those on the back or hip.

That’s why the ankle becomes a canvas to express creativity and beliefs. And this tiny 222 tattoo is a good example.

222 and butterfly

222 angel number tattoo by @riyahdanitattoos


Butterfly tattoos are often associated with change and transformation. Combining with the meaning of 222, this design celebrates the harmony of life and the power of a nourishing relationship.

222 inner finger tattoo

222 angel number tattoo by @vonsartistry


Angel number tattoo on the outer wrist

222 angel number tattoo by @sacredart_mamajotattoos


Gradient angel number tattoo

222 angel number tattoo by @savage.sticks


Witchy angel number tattoo

222 angel number tattoo by @wicked_mars


If you want to inject your personality into a tattoo, consider adding the angel number to a design you already resonate with.

For example, this witchy tattoo is aesthetically pleasing, reflecting the wearer’s style and confidence in her inner power. The 222 on top adds an extra layer of meaning, making it a reminder to find harmony.

333 tattoos and meaning explained

The number 3 is closely associated with creativity. So seeing 333 in your dreams or real life may indicate that you will thrive in creative areas.

333, as an angel number, also hints that the guidance you need is by your side. This positive energy, from yourself or the Universe, will protect and guide you through tough times. And all you need to do is to trust yourself and go for it. That’s why 333 angel number tattoos can function like a lucky charm, channeling prosperity from the divine to the wearers.

In some cases, 333 is also related to the trinity and the connection between one’s mind, body, and soul. Therefore, seeing this number can be a much-needed reminder to take care of yourself both physically and mentally.

333 upper thigh tattoo

333 angel number tattoo by @baronart_mauro


Fiery 333 angel number tattoo

333 angel number tattoo by

Tarot card angel number tattoo

333 angel number tattoo by @jadehazetattoo


What a creative way to customize an angel number tattoo! By turning each number into a tarot card, this tattoo is proof of the wearer’s connection to the divine and the Universe.

333 forearm tattoo

333 angel number tattoo by @ink.about


While the forearm has enough space for large and intricate designs, something as simple as an angel number can also stand out in this area. It’s a dainty expression of the wearer’s desire to reconnect with her creativity.

333 on the calf

333 angel number tattoo by @dragonflyink_


333 arm tattoo

333 angel number tattoo by @tattooist_bear


444 Angel number tattoos

The number 444 is often seen as a lucky omen. It represents transformation and positive changes.

When you see 444 keep appearing in your life, it may be a sign that you are about to go through significant changes that will eventually help you thrive and be your better self. But that doesn’t mean good things will fall into your life. Instead, it requires you to take action.

Changes can be terrifying. But angel number 444 also represents guidance and protection, meaning that your guardian angel is there every step of the way. And though transformations can be rough at first, the results are worth the effort.

For those who see 444 as their angel number or want a reminder to have faith at the crossroads of life, the following tattoo ideas are tailor-made for them.

444 tattoo on the chest

444 angel number tattoo by @laurabuekerstattoo


Chest tattoos as bold and expressive as this is not common, especially for women. But if you are feeling the positive energy of transformation, a tattoo like this will reinforce the energy and push your visions into reality.

Small 444 angel number tattoo

Small 444 angel number tattoo by

444 shoulder tattoo

444 angel number tattoo by @ann_tattooo


444 wrist tattoo and Harry Potter glasses

444 angel number tattoo by @saabrinadeaguilar


444 on the rib

444 angel number tattoo by @tattoosby_elise


Tattoos on the rib can cause more pain because the skin on this area is thin. That’s why a sleek and simple tattoo like this is always a good idea, especially for first-timers.

444 angel number tattoo with wings

444 angel number tattoo with wings by @foreverboldtattoo


In most cases, wing tattoos are seen as a tribute to a loved one who has passed away. But they can also represent angels, which is their original meaning.

This tattoo adds a pair of angel wings to the number 444, showing the wearer’s gratitude for the guidance and the angelic energy he receives.

444 on the back of the neck

444 angel number tattoo by @miss_lucypop


444 finger tattoo

444 angel number tattoo by @stabbbem


Finger tattoos are not highly recommended by most tattooists. The hand is more exposed to water and sunlight, which means tattoos on this area are more likely to fade or blur.

That’s why if you want a finger tattoo that lasts, a design with crisp black outlines is a better option, as shown in this small number tattoo.

555 Angel number tattoos

Similar to 444, 555 also suggests changes are happening.

5 is seen as a dynamic energy in numerology. And seeing 555 showing up repeatedly in your life can be interpreted as a sign of a powerful yet chaotic period of change.

Unlike 444, the angel number 555 often shows up as guidance for those reluctant to change. They are the ones that put up with an unfulfilling job or are trapped in a toxic relationship. All these have to change – that’s what the angel number 555 implies.

The number is also associated with spiritual freedom. It represents the power to cut the chains holding you back and eventually be emotionally and physically free. That’s the same message a 555 angel number tattoo carries – to break away, embrace changes and be free.

555 arm tattoo

555 angel number tattoo by @kwestro.inc_.tattooshop

Cute angel number wrist tattoo

555 angel number tattoo by

Matching angel number tattoos on the arm

555 angel number tattoo by

Sleek 555 on the outer wrist

555 angel number tattoo by

666 Angel number tattoo and meaning

666 is an angel number that is not commonly seen in tattoos because it used to be a symbol of evilness. However, 666 is overall a positive sign in numerology.

When you see 666 showing up repeatedly in your life or dreams, it may suggest that your life is off balance right now. This is because you are focusing too much on things that don’t matter but are forgetting about those that do.

In order to regain balance, you need to dig deep into your spiritual world and identify your values. It could be your mental well-being, family, passion, or other areas you’ve neglected.

Having a 666 angel number tattoo on your body will remind you to protect your inner peace, live a simple life, take care of yourself, and focus more on your overall wellness.

Bold gradient 666

666 angel number tattoo by @lynneatattoo


777 tattoos with meaning

Unlike angel numbers that signify outer energies like 222 and 444, 777 encourages those who see it to pause and explore within.

Wieverythingngs going on in life, one can often feel overwhelmed or lose track. The angel number 777 suggests that in order to find your path, you need to slow down, spend time on yourself, and reflect. This may require you to do a little self-review, to objectively assess what’s working and what’s not, and to redirect if needed.

And that’s why 777 is one of the most popular angel number tattoos. It’s a reminder to listen to your intuition, and build a strong self-awareness so that you can achieve your full potential in your life, career, and relationships.

Stars and angel number

777 angel number tattoo by

777 behind the ear

777 angel number tattoo by @bibi.abelle


More and more people are getting behind-the-ear tattoos due to the flexibility of exposure. You can show your tattoo proudly with your hair tied up, or hide it with your hair down.

777 angel number tattoo

777 angel number tattoo by @lisa_delia


Eye and tears

777 angel number tattoo by @arttattoostuff


Red angel number tattoo

777 angel number tattoo by @needlehouseph


777 underboob tattoo

777 angel number tattoo by @isisinked


Much like those between the breasts, an underboob tattoo is intimate and requires thoughts on the position and design. And something as small and sleek as a string of numbers will fit perfectly on this placement.

777 wrist tattoo

777 angel number tattoo by

Red ink on the outer wrist

777 angel number tattoo by @vibetattoo.ut


Simple 777 wrist tattoo

777 angel number tattoo by @gokce.karahasan


Wings with angel number

777 angel number tattoo by @nannon.anon


888 angel number tattoo ideas

The number 888 is associated with abundance and financial prosperity, sometimes referred to as the “money number.” It’s a sign to take one step further in work and business and get what you deserve.

888 often signifies that one should reclaim his power and be vocal about his needs. It can be asking for a promotion or figuring out how to take one’s business to the next level. It suggests there’s room for improvement – as long as you work for it.

Bold 888 wrist tattoo

888 angel number tattoo by

Tiny angel number on the arm

888 angel number tattoo by @tatuajesimpulsoazul


Gradient 888 arm tattoo

888 angel number tattoo by @choi_tattooer


Tiny 888 elbow tattoo

888 angel number tattoo by @inkedbyineke


Elbow tattoos can be tricky in terms of design and tattooing. The skin on the elbow is wrinkly and thus poses challenges for tattooists to ink the patterns perfectly.

Additionally, the skin is darker on the elbow compared to the surrounding area. That’s why a simple, black tattoo like this one is ideal.

Angel number chest tattoo

888 number tattoo by @cassluitats


999 angel number tattoos

As the last single-digit number, 9 represents completion and the end of a cycle. If you are seeing 999 as your angel number, it’s a sign of closure and moving on.

With 999 appearing in your life again and again, the angels want you to be aware that what you find familiar may be coming to an end. It can be a career, a relationship, or a mindset. But make no mistake; the end is not necessarily negative. On the contrary, it will give birth to something new, aspiring, and fantastic.

999 angel number tattoo with explanation

999 angel number tattoo by @g9in_text


Impressive 999 on the arm

999 angel number tattoo by @artistrybytheresa


999 sternum tattoo

999 angel number tattoo by @funky_tattoo_bucuresti


Sleek angel number on the arm

999 angel number tattoo by @spilledstudio


11:11 tattoos with meaning

Unlike other angel numbers that could show up in any form, 11:11 often appears as a moment in time. You may find yourself waking up at 11:11 or randomly checking the time at precisely 11:11. They may also show up in the form of 1111, 11/11, or 11 111. And if that happens multiple times, it may be your angel number.

As we have mentioned, 1 is a powerful number suggesting new beginnings. But with 11:11, the angels want you to trust yourself and to listen to your intuition. It’s an affirmation from the angels that you are on the right track. And if you put your mind to what you believe in, you can manifest and make them happen.

Matching 11:11 wrist tattoos

11 11 angel number tattoo by @tatuajespequenos


Clean and simple 11:11 tattoo

11 11 angel number tattoo by @tattoosbyell


2277 angel number tattoo

2277 angel number tattoo by @g9in_text


Though not as common as other 3-digit angel numbers, 2277 is actually a powerful one. According to, it’s the number of intuition and belief. It encourages those who resonate with it to stick to their truths and make their own decisions.

The number also encourages kindness. It’s a message from the angels to be kind wherever one goes. By spreading kindness, one can build a strong support network, inspiring success and prosperity.

Which of these angel number tattoos is your favorite?

Leave your thoughts in the comment down below!

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