56+ Bracelet Tattoos That Are Better Than Jewelry

If you love visible tattoos like those on the hand or wrist, you may have also considered bracelet tattoos.

As the name suggests, bracelet tattoos are those that wrap around the wrist like a bracelet or a bangle. Depending on the wearers’ style, they can be dainty, subtle, bold, or intricate.

And just like wrist tattoos, bracelets are loved because they can also be a reminder. That’s why many choose to tattoo something personal and meaningful besides flowers and leaves in this area.

So if you are looking for gorgeous permanent jewelry on the wrist, you have come to the right place. From small to bold, simple to intricate, these bracelet tattoos will inspire your next ink.

Disclaimer: This collection of bracelet tattoos is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Beautiful bracelet tattoos with meaning

Simple bracelet tattoos for minimalists

Because bracelet tattoos are almost always visible, you don’t need an extra fancy design to catch the eye. Instead, a simple, elegant look will stand the test of time. So if you are a minimalist, the following simple bracelet tattoos are for you.

Butterfly floral bracelet

Butterfly floral bracelet tattoo by @bunami.ink


This may be a simple tattoo made of two common motifs: butterfly and leaves. But the butterfly flying above the branch really adds movement, making the ink less like a bracelet and more of an artwork.

Abstract lines around the wrist

Abstract lines by @olyabartno


If you want to keep it simple, consider line tattoos. They are simple and abstract, which allows room for different interpretations. And the lines crossing randomly with each other in this tattoo also make it interesting.

Cross bracelet tattoo

Cross bracelet tattoo by @olgacaca


This bracelet tattoo reflects both the wearer’s religion and aesthetic. The lines mimic two stackable bracelets, while the cross pendant elegantly hangs on one of them. All the elements come together naturally for a dainty, girly look.

Cute leaves bracelet tattoo

Cute leaves bracelet tattoo by @zihong_tattoo


Staying with black and grey is not your only option when you want a simple tattoo. With a cohesive color palette, this botanical tattoo is well-constructed and clean.

Sun, moon and waves

Sun, moon and waves wrist tattoo by @zmfreespirit


Sun and moon tattoos often represent two opposite personalities or two sides of one person. This wrist tattoo, however, adds waves to symbolize a new beginning.

Moon bracelet

Moon bracelet tattoo by @oitattooer


Moon tattoos are seen as a symbol of femininity. And being the brightest celestial body we can see at night, the moon also represents hope in dark times.


Hope one-word tattoo by @soji_tattoo


This open bangle tattoo has the word “hope” written on it. And the hand holding the string also shows the wearer’s value on tenacity and mental strength. Such a delicate one-word tattoo will remind the wearer to stay strong through tough times.

Initial bracelet tattoos

Initial bracelet tattoos by @danielapiantoni1928


Getting a pair of matching bracelets is easy. But matching couple tattoos are a huge promise. The wearers ink each other’s initials on the bracelets, making them even more personal.

Leaves bracelet

Leaves bracelet tattoo by @monochrom.ink


Leaves and vines are one of the most seen elements in bracelet tattoos. And it makes sense. You can manipulate the size and the composition to create a unique silhouette. And this one is a good example.

Moon jewelry

Moon jewelry tattoo by @yoda_ink


While gems and metals may fade, tattoos last much longer. A cute and realistic moon diamond tattoo like this will shine on your skin for a lifetime.

Dainty star and floral bracelet

Dainty star and floral bracelet tattoo by @tattooist_gaon


A bracelet tattoo doesn’t have to form a close circle. Leaving it open like this one is also an option. And the star in the middle works as a tease and a finishing touch.

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Matching single-line bracelet tattoos

Matching single line bracelet tattoos by @meester_prikkebeen


Here are one more simple yet beautiful matching bracelet tattoos. The tattooist doesn’t opt for imitating a pair of real-life bracelets. Instead, he focuses on creating a natural flow, just like water.

Ribbon bracelet

Ribbon bracelet tattoo by @elly_tattooist


Simple snake wrapping around the wrist

Simple snake bracelet by @harmony.ttt


Snake tattoos are easy to scale up or down. You can tattoo a snake in detail and show all the scales and reflections. Or you can keep the basic form just like this one for a sleek, minimalist look.

Tiny plane

Tiny plane by @blueberry_ink


Plane tattoos reflect the wearer’s desire to explore the world. But they can also be a reminder of the loved ones at home.

Cute small symbols on the wrist

Cute small symbols on the wrist by @tattooer_ian


Have more than one motif that you want to tattoo on your body? Then bracelet tattoos are for you. Connect them to the bracelet, and you will have pretty and meaningful ink.

Quote bracelet tattoo

Quote bracelet tattoo by @kk.tattoos


Quote tattoos are evergreen because of the meanings they carry. However, these scripts become reminders for a lifetime when put on the wrist.

This bracelet tattoo, for example, says “Carpe diem, memento mori,” which means enjoy life but remember death. It’s such a deep tattoo that will inspire the wearer to live in the moment.

Waves and whale

Waves and whale bracelet tattoo by @handitrip


These small fine line tattoos may come unnoticed. But when you look closer, you’ll see the details and skill level of the tattooist. For those drawn to the ocean, such a dainty tattoo will represent them.

Small symbols

Small symbols bracelet tattoo by @tattoo_sarah_runrun


If you have thought about getting small symbol tattoos, how about adding them to a bracelet? This cute design is girly and dainty enough to make anyone look more adorable.

Simple bracelet

Simple bracelet tattoo by @britt_blackbtattoo


Heart shape pendant

Simple heart shape pendant by @lagrainetattoo


Bold and beautiful bracelet tattoos

Just like bracelets, bracelet tattoos come in all shapes and forms. Thin, thick, black, colored, the possibilities are endless. So if you want to stand out from the crowd, why not choose a daring and vibrant design like the following?

Flower garden bracelet tattoo

Flower garden bracelet tattoo by @maiko.only


Bracelet tattoos don’t have to be exactly like a bracelet. They can be an armband that wraps around the wrist, just like this flower garden tattoo.

Without a frame restricting the design, the flowers, leaves, and the bee together create the feeling of freedom and prosperity.

Dragon bracelet

Dragon bracelet by @olka_tattoo


Just like snakes, dragons are perfect as bracelet tattoos because of their curvy, flowy body shape.

Inspired by Haku in the Japanese anime movie Spirited Away, this tattoo captures all the details perfectly. And the shade of emerald lights up the design.

Butterfly and flowers

Butterfly and flowers bracelet tattoo by @bunami.ink_


Antique key tattoo

Antique key tattoo by @eden_tattoo_


Inspired by Kairi’s keyblade from Kingdom Hearts, this bold key tattoo not only shows the wearer’s passion. The whimsical rainbow colors also make this tattoo stand out.

Floral decorative tattoo

Floral decorative tattoo by @tattoo_salva


Black and grey sunflower

Black and grey sunflower bracelet tattoo by @nia.tattooing


Sunflowers symbolize positivity and energy. By putting sunflowers around the wrist, the wearer wants to remind herself to always look at the bright side and keep going against the odds.

Blue floral bracelet

Blue floral bracelet tattoo by @eden_tattoo_


In our interview with Tattooist Eden, she described her style as bright and colorful.

This bracelet tattoo of hers might not have the most vibrant colors. Still, the combination of blue, green, and purple creates a cohesive and elegant look.

Cute chain bracelet

Cute chain bracelet by @poke.chewihyang


Just because bracelets can look similar to one another doesn’t mean they can’t be in your style. The small skull, in this case, is the finishing touch that injects the wearer’s personality into the design.

Moon phase bracelet tattoo

Moon phase bracelet tattoo by @yoda_ink


The moon phase refers to the different stages of the moon during its transition. Spiritually, the moon phase symbolizes changes and cycles of life.

Radiating sunshine

Radiating sunshine bracelet tattoo by @ninapost.ink_


With the radiating lines and the burning sun in the middle, this tattoo is no doubt a fiery representation of the wearer’s passion. It makes a statement not with scale or color but with intricacy and composition.

Mandala hand tattoo

Mandala bracelet and hand tattoo by @norinatattoo


Plant bracelet and coordinates

Plant bracelet and coordinates tattoo by @alejandra.heartist


Do you have a location that holds a special place in your heart? It can be your childhood home, a travel destination, or where you met the love of your life. If so, adding coordinates to a bracelet tattoo will honor that sweet memory.

Blue and red flowers

Blue and red flowers by @veroni.ink


In general, red flower tattoos represent passion and love. And because red is such a dominating color, red flowers are naturally the center of attention.

This wrap-around-the-wrist tattoo, however, uses blue to create a balance between warm and cold. Hence, the look becomes more elegant and subtle.

Snakes bracelet

Snakes bracelet tattoo by @choseung.tat_


Not necessarily looking like a bracelet, this snake tattoo is definitely a wow piece. The scales, the patterns, and the movements are portrayed to perfection.

Forget me not

Forget me not bracelet tattoo by @veroni.ink


Brushstroke bracelet tattoo

Brushstroke bracelet tattoo by @9room_tattoo


This wrist tattoo proves you don’t need an ultra-complicated design to stand out. A artistic tattoo like this not only shows strength but it’s also gender-neutral to fit both men and women.

Poppy bracelet tattoo

Poppy bracelet tattoo by @kat_babai


The poppy is the birth flower of August and is used to symbolize remembrance. But it takes on new meanings today as a representation of courage and strength to move on.

Double band around the wrist

Double band around the wrist by @fotini


Swirls arm tattoo

Swirls arm tattoo by @aink_tattoo


If you want to go big, consider extending a tattoo outside the wrist to the entire arm, just like this one. The use of different colors and the exaggerated swirls all come together as one daring piece of art.

Watercolor poppy flower band

Watercolor poppy flower band by @cat_._kat


Most watercolor tattoos are medium or large in size, emphasizing the smooth transition between colors. This bracelet tattoo, however, shows that the technique can also be used in small detailed designs. And the result is still stunning.

Rose bracelet tattoo

Rose bracelet tattoo by @noemesystattoo


Rose tattoos represent love, affection, and beauty. This armband tattoo magnifies its visual impact by putting red roses above the black and grey ones. The contrast makes the design stand out.

Traditional Norigae

Traditional knot Norigae tattoo by @tattooist_arun


Norigae is a traditional accessory in Korea. It is usually made of knots, strings, and tassels. Such a dainty tattoo not only flatters the body but also honors the wearer’s root.

Small snake geometric bracelet tattoo

Small snake geometric bracelet tattoo by @trikona.tattoos


Creative bracelet tattoo ideas

So far, we’ve covered some of the best bracelet tattoos. But some tattoo artists push the envelope to come up with something different. So if you want a unique design around your wrist, don’t miss out on the following creative bracelet tattoos.

Bro fist

Bro fist bracelet tattoo by @lana_here_tattoo


Bracelet tattoos are not just about aesthetics. They can be meaningful as well. This bro fist tattoo is not only cute. But it can also be a sibling tattoo or friendship tattoo honoring a loved one.

Birth date bracelet tattoo

Birth date bracelet tattoo by @paintedsister


This cute little bracelet belongs to a mother. She has her son’s birth date on the front of the tattoo and his name on the back. It’s filled with the best wishes for the boy and her love.

Abstract sunrise tattoo

Abstract sunrise tattoo by @tattooist_today_do


Flow of ink

Flow of ink bracelet tattoo by @liang.ink


Ink wash is similar to watercolor but in black. The technique was often used in classic Chinese paintings to convey an abstract and flowy style. This wrist tattoo applies the same technique on the skin, creating a simple yet stunning oriental tattoo.

Oriental dragon bracelet tattoo

Oriental dragon bracelet tattoo by @tattooist_eq


Here’s another dragon bracelet tattoo. Unlike the previous Haku we’ve seen, this dragon tattoo is filled with various colors, and they elevate the design. If you are someone who is not afraid to show off beautiful ink, you will rock this one.

Shiny jewelry bracelet tattoo

Shiny jewelry bracelet tattoo by @kulkey_tt


This jewelry tattoo’s details, shine, and colors are all captured perfectly. From afar, you may mistake it as a real diamond bracelet.

Cute flowers around the wrist

Cute flowers around the wrist by @siyeon_tattoo


Instead of connecting the flowers horizontally on a branch, the flowers are in their natural form, standing vertically and growing upwards. The twist not only makes the tattoo special. But you can feel the strong vitality embedded in this design.

Strings and plants

Strings and plants by @kat_babai


Smiley face

Smiley face bracelet tattoo by @lana_here_tattoo


If you love a creative tattoo and don’t mind a bit of fun and humor, this cute bracelet will represent your carefree attitude.

Ornamental bracelet tattoo

Ornamental bracelet tattoo by @blue_glue_tattoo


Which of these bracelet tattoos is your favorite?

Leave your thoughts in the comment down below!

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