Looking for your next tattoo? How about something creative, fancy, as well as “deep”? Waves are so pretty and are a common tattoo design for nature-lovers, as well as men and women who like to feel at peace and enjoy go wish to tome in tune with nature. If you are a sea or an ocean lover, keep on reading as we talk about some of the prettiest wave tattoo designs down below!

Wave Tattoo: FAQ

Wave Tattoo
Credit: Instagram

1. What Does A Wave Tattoo Symbolize?

A wave tattoo can symbolize and show your wavy and rough path that’s ahead or that’s been behind you. If you’re interested in getting something sentimental that will show everyone how much you have changed, or how you’ve overcome your rough path or any kind of obstacles, you’re going to enjoy this tattoo concept.

2. Where To Place This Tattoo?

Place a wave print and concept over your forearm, chest, or neck. A wave symbol will look elegant and sentimental on most guys and girls, but the end goal and placement part are individually based on your past experiences. You can go for anything that works well with you and your character, just customize it based on its size.

3. Who Should Get A Wave Tattoo?

Anyone who is into spiritual tattoos and deeper meanings can get a wave tattoo. You will enjoy this concept if you’re someone who likes to show off your personality and tell your story through a tattoo. Both genders who love the sea, water, or the ocean are going to like this concept.

4. What Is A Common Price For Wave Tattoos?

Expect to pay around $70 for a super small and subtle black and white wave tattoo. Bigger and more dramatic designs, such as across your entire chest or back done in height blue color can go for up to $200.

12 Small Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Waves Tattoo Design

Waves Tattoo Design
Image Source:@tattooist_zitae

This tattoo will suit your sentimental side. If you’re someone who likes to look retro and you’re a fan of minimalism with most things in life, you’re going to like this wave tattoo.

Fun fact: The largest wave ever recorded by humans measured 1,720 feet.

2. Black Ink Japanese Wave Tattoo

Black Ink Japanese Wave Tattoo
Image Source:@yeonjae_tattoo

Show that your personality is “wavy” and that you have a lot to offer to the world in your own way. You are a creative individual who knows how to express yourself through smaller yet cute black and white ink.

3. Super Simple Wave Tattoo

Super Simple Wave Tattoo
Image Source:@handitrip

A wave tattoo will look lovely as a forearm concept. If you’re looking for a cute tattoo that is not too flashy and you also like the moon or star symbols, give it a go with this print. It will make you look like someone who’s always caring and giving, along with your positive side showing.

4. Small Wave Tattoo Design

Small Wave Tattoo Design
Image Source:@taranis.tattoo

Not in the mood for something painful or too dramatic? Are you into super delicate tattoos? This one is super quick and easy to go for, and it can be done in the simplest way through one line! Aim for 20-30 minutes, it is that simple.

Did you know that there are four categories of waves: spilling waves, plunging waves, collapsing waves, and surging waves.

5. Wave Wrist Tattoo

Wave Wrist Tattoo
Image Source:@trikona.tattoos

A lot of women enjoy fist tattoos. Are you one of those girls yourself? If so, try out this small black and white wave print for your fancy rocking properties!

6. Wave Tattoo Ideas Unique

Wave Tattoo Ideas Unique
Image Source:@tattooist_dh

Side stomach or side chest tattoos can be a bit painful or uncomfortable to go for. Heads up if that’s where you plan on placing them! Make sure that your pain tolerance level is high before you commit to this tattoo.

7. Small Wave Tattoo With A Rose

Small Wave Tattoo With A Rose
Image Source:@tattooist_jaeo

Add some cute little flowers to your wave to make your design more feminine. Show your love for the world and nature with this cute little design. It is perfect for ladies who like artsy ideas.

Fun fact: The ocean is home to nearly 95% of all life.

8. Wave Tattoo In A Heart Print

Wave Tattoo In A Heart Print
Image Source:@thedayafter_tat2

Another wave with simple black outline lines. If you prefer drawing-like prints, you’re going to like this tattoo. It looks like a fun tattoo that can tell a story in its own way, who wouldn’t like it?

9. Ocean Wave Tattoo Blue

Ocean Wave Tattoo Blue
Image Source:@tattooist_namoo

This shoulder tattoo is perfect for anyone who likes a pop of color. Show that you’re a traveler and someone who likes to see the world and that you’re always looking forward to a new adventure. If you’re into fun activities, give it a go with this adventurous wave.

10. Forearm Black Ink Wave Tattoos

Forearm Black Ink Wave Tattoos
Image Source:@helena_c_90

Small and cute, yet perfect for those who like delicate ideas. Go for the color combo if you’re a minimalistic soul and someone who enjoys black artsy ideas.

Did you know that one iceberg could supply a million people with drinking water for five years?

11. Cartoon Wave Tattoo

Image Source:@hello.immastranger

This little wave tattoo has that cute cartoon-like concept. If you’re someone who watches cartoons often and you’re still a child in heart, you’re going to like this tattoo.

12. Blue Wave Tattoos On Foot

Blue Wave Tattoos On Foot
Image Source:@toji_tattoo_studio

Ankle tattoos are for those who like smaller and delicate ideas. This one is not too flashy and it will suit anyone who likes simplicity, as well as those calming waves that will shape your character and you as a person.

16 Simple & Minimalistic Wave Tattoos

1. Shoulder Wave Tattoo

Image Source:@eden_tattoo_

This shoulder tattoo is artsy and colorful. It will show that you’re willing to change and embrace the new positive sides that life brings your way.

Fun fact: The typical length of tsunami waves is about 100 times the depth.

2. Wave Word Tattoo

Wave Word Tattoo
Image Source:@webber_tattoo

How about you go for something funny and different? People who are jokers naturally are going to like this tattoo. Place the word “wave” and show that you’re wavy and naturally adapting to change.

3. Blue Wave Tattoo On Forearm

Blue Wave Tattoo On Forearm
Image Source:@scottmc419

This colorful forearm tattoo will look great on those who like energetic designs. You will look like a creative soul who always finds his or her way to look different in this modern world one way or another.

4. Realistic Wave Tattoo

Realistic Wave Tattoo
Image Source:@sketchy_gonzales

This bright blue wave tattoo shows a person who is energetic and driven by inner emotions. You will look like someone who enjoys pure fun and you’ll show that no one can stand in your way when it comes to your colorful journey!

Did you know that the world’s first wave power farm was installed in Portugal?

5. Ocean Wave Tattoo Print

Image Source:@sophi_kethel

Go for this bright blue wave and show that you’re a dominant guy or girl. If you’re someone who likes to adapt to a new journey and you embrace change, this blue ink will show it. It is not too pricey to go for btw, so why not consider it?

6. Abstract Geometrical Wave Tattoo

Abstract Geometrical Wave Tattoo
Image Source:@niezal.ink

If you’re someone who is into geometrical prints and you like defined symbols, you’re going to like this wave tattoo. It will show your glamorous side, as well as your side to enjoy true abstract art and the beauties of creating.

7. Small Blue Jellyfish Form Wave Tattoo

Image Source:@in.o.tattoo

This wavy tattoo has a jellyfish symbol hidden in its pattern. You’ll look like an artsy person who is always looking for creative means of expressing your persona. Show that you know how to look cute and that you love the sea life with this design!

Fun fact: tsunamis move at 500 miles per hour.

8. Wave Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Wave Tattoo Design On Shoulder
Image Source:@tattooist_yun

Giant shoulder tattoos will look the best on those who like to work out and those who have broad shoulders. Let everyone spot you everywhere you go and show that you’re attention-crazy yet optimistic!

9. Next Wave Tattoo Black Ink

Image Source:@krus_tattoo_cave

Wave tattoo done in such a way symbolizes your inner peace and spirituality. If you believe that life can be good and pure, and if you’re someone who likes to look elegant, you’re going to like this symbol.

10. Arm Wave Tattoo Blue Design

Image Source:@rohatattoo

This arm tattoo has that positive and powerful element. If you’re someone who likes to create and your personality is deep and calm, you can show it all with this creation.

Did you know that waves appear in many forms and shapes?

11. Ocean Wave Tattoo Black Ink

Ocean Wave Tattoo Black Ink
Image Source:@serpentinetattoostudio

If you like black and white art and you’re a fan of simplicity, go for this tattoo. It will take you around two hours to end up with this cute masterpiece.

12. Back Tattoo Wave Ink

Back Tattoo Wave Ink
Image Source:@wildcatinkireland

This big back tattoo is for those who enjoy art and retro elements. If you’re someone who likes peaceful ideas and your character is driven by art, this wave is for you!

13. Wave Tattoo Minimalist Blue Print

Wave Tattoo Minimalist Blue Print
Image Source:@minitattoo_studio

This arm tattoo is for those who like shiny tattoos! This print will show that you’re driven by natural elements and that you love to experiment in life. If you’re driven by positive energy, thus tattoo will show it!

Fun fact: the ocean has more artifacts than all the world’s museums combined.

14. Arm Wave Tattoos Black & White

Arm Wave Tattoos Black & White
Image Source:@gifiz

Black tattoos such as this one will look lovely on both genders. If you like to show off and you’re a fan of peaceful tattoos, this one will suit you. Let the world know that you’re a powerful individual, as well as someone who doesn’t like conflicts.

15. Bright Blue Waves Tattoos

Bright Blue Waves Tattoos
Image Source:@studiobysol

Anyone who likes blue tattoos and blue color will enjoy this rounded design. If you’re driven by energetic pieces and you’re someone who is into art, this will look lovely on you. Make sure that you show your beauty and your true intentions with this design, which are integrity and positivity!

16. Realistic Pattern Wave Tattoo

Realistic Pattern Wave Tattoo
Image Source:@yubeen___

Your tattoo artist should be skilled and should have the right level of knowledge when it comes to this art. If you’re someone who is into elegant tattoos and you’re driven by flattering tattoos, this will suit you.

Did you know that if all the ice melted, the sea level would rise 26 stories?

9 Big, Colorful & Different Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Heart & Wave Tattoo

Heart & Wave Tattoo
Image Source:@lover_boyce

Wave print placed in a heart symbol will look artsy! This tattoo has a deeper meaning, and it shows someone who is naturally caring. If you have ever had some struggles or issues that you overcame in the past, this tattoo will show it!

2. Foot Waverly Tattoo Ink

Foot Waverly Tattoo Ink
Image Source:@hongna_tattooartist

This cute little foot tattoo will make everyone freak out when they see it on you. If you’re into artsy ideas and you like to hide your tattoos from the world, go with this design. Add a saying “wave the world” and show that you’re always shocking everyone with your moves.

Fun fact: Waves are usually caused by wind.

3. Big Sleeve Wave Tattoo

Big Sleeve Wave Tattoo
Image Source:@ddygas

A giant tattoo such as this one will make you look like a fun person to be around with. If you’re a little daredevil and someone who knows how to have fun in your own way and under your own terms, you’re going to like this tattoo! Heads up since it is a pricey tattoo to go for.

4. Stomach Wave Tattoo

Stomach Wave Tattoo
Image Source:@gongjutat

Heads up before you commit to this tattoo! It will suit only those who dare to wear flashy ink. Also, make sure that your pain tolerance is high since this tattoo will demand some courage and determination.

5. Foot Wave Tattoo Blue Design

Foot Wave Tattoo Blue Design
Image Source:@sangjatattoo

This cute foot tattoo is artsy and so gorgeous! If blue is your favorite color and you’re also looking for a bright wave design to go for, give it a go with this element! It will look like a masterpiece on anyone.

Did you know that by 2050, the plastic in the ocean will outweigh the fish?

6. Nature Inspired Wave Tattoo

Nature Inspired Wave Tattoo
Image Source:@zhuo_tattoostudio

Go for all the elements of nature to show that you’re a person who likes the beauty of the world. If you like to create and show your true colors to the world, you’re going to like this design. Anyone who likes color and earth itself will know the beauty of this design.

7. Forearm Blue Wave Ink

Forearm Blue Wave Ink
Image Source:@sinichka.tatts

Make your tattoo look magical and mystical! If you like to show your true colors through a tattoo, you will do it all with this design! Incorporate all the colors and show that you’re always driven to power and mystical elements of this crazy journey.

8. Japanese Wave Artsy Tattoo

Japanese Wave Artsy Tattoo
Image Source:@saint_thomas_tattoo

If you’re someone who travels often and you’re a fan of the sea itself, you’re going to like this wave tattoo. Anyone who is into elegance and power will see the true beauty of this wave design.

Fun fact: There are two high tides and two low tides every day.

9. Unique Artsy Wave Tattoo

Unique Artsy Wave Tattoo
Image Source:@tattooer.alessa

Anyone who sees the beauty of the outer world and the universe is going to like this wave pattern. Show that you’re intrigued by natural elements with this design. Shine through and show your unique emotions with this tattoo!

Time To Get It Done

Which wave tattoo is your favorite from our list? What design you can’t wait to wear in the near future? Let us know where you stand when it comes to all of these giant and peaceful-looking ideas, we would love to know your opinion.

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