Finding a unique tattoo design in the endless sea of repetitive designs can be extremely hard. Sure, using your imagination to create that one perfect, completely unique design should make it unique enough, but oftentimes we see others sharing the same ideas and getting similar tattoos.

Nevertheless, one thing all of us share but are also unique for is the month or day of our birth. People genuinely take pride in their birthdays and birth months, so we think you should definitely use this as a starting point in the creation of your new tattoo design.

However, to take things further, we thought it would be even better to take a look at flowers’ characteristics for each of the months in the year, to create an even more personalized and one-of-a-kind design, despite you sharing your birth month with millions of other people.

Remember, everybody takes pride in their birth month in their own way, and you can do so by getting a birth month flower tattoo. In the following paragraphs, we’ll highlight the bloom’s characteristics for each of the months, as well as explain their symbolism and show you some of our favorite tattoo designs. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

102+ Birth Flowers Tattoos And Their Symbolic Meaning For Every Month

January Birth Flowers Tattoo(for zodiac sign Capricorn)

  • Carnation
  • Snowdrop

Carnation is a flower native to the Mediterranean area. Historically, it was one of the most popular flowers in ancient Rome and Greece. Translated, the word carnation means ‘flower of the gods’, which surely resonates with their luscious, luxurious, rich appearance and visual impact.

Depending on the color, carnations can symbolize numerous things; from purity and luck (for white carnations), to passion, love, and affection (for red carnations). Carnations can also symbolize spontaneity, gratitude, admiration, etc. As such, they’re a perfect choice for a birth flower tattoo, so here are some of our favorite designs to use for inspiration;

January Birth Flowers Carnation 1
Credit: @danilo.vivanco.tattoo
January Birth Flowers Carnation 2
Credit: @tattooist_rara
January Birth Flowers Carnation 3
Credit: @sebrinapham
January Birth Flowers Carnation 4
Credit: @ciotka_zu_tattoo
January Birth Flowers Carnation 5
Credit: @nancy_dongtattoo

The second birth flower for the January zodiac signs is the Snowdrop. Now, these are called snowdrops because of their floppy appearance; the snow-white flower is facing downwards, instead of upwards like other flowers. Some people see it as a sad flower or a symbol of funerals, but it’s far from that. Actually, Snowdrops symbolize hope, growth, rebirth, and improvement.

The reason for this is because Snowdrops are actually the first signals that spring is just around the corner, which is itself a season of growth, rebirth, and transformation of nature. Snowdrop is an incredibly beautiful flower, and surely worthy of your consideration for a flower birth tattoo. Here are some of our favorite tattoo designs featuring this little droopy flower;

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January Birth Flowers Snowdrop 1
Credit: @zihong_tattoo
January Birth Flowers Snowdrop 2
Credit: @flami.art
January Birth Flowers Snowdrop 3
Credit: @maiko.only
January Birth Flowers Snowdrop 4
Credit: @die_monde
January Birth Flowers Snowdrop 5
Credit: @foret_tattoo

February Birth Flowers Tattoo (for zodiac sign Aquarius)

  • Violet
  • Primrose

Since not many flowers bloom in February, those in the sign of Aquarius can feel even more unique for having the incredible violet and primrose as their birth flowers.

Now, violet is one of the earliest blooming flowers, which is also one of the first signs of the upcoming spring season. This heart-shaped flower has a wonderful purple color and an endearing asymmetrical shape. Some violets can be of different colors too, like blue and yellow, which makes them even more unique. Violets are native to Europe and Asia and there are more than 400 different species.

When it comes to its symbolism, this flower stands for loyalty, dependability, and thoughtfulness; violet shows you’re always there, for yourself and someone else. In Christianity, violets symbolize humility, modesty, and humbleness. The yellow violet symbolizes luxury and high worth, while a white violet symbolizes purity and innocence. Here are some of our favorite violet tattoo designs for some inspiration;

February Birth Flowers Violet 1
Credit: @elenayelloww
February Birth Flowers Violet 2
Credit: @foret_tattoo
February Birth Flowers Violet 3
Credit: @songe.tattoo
February Birth Flowers Violet 4
Credit: @tattooist_yun
February Birth Flowers Violet 5
Credit: @miyo.tattoo

Another flower Aquarius people can rely on to be their birth flower is the primrose. Now, the primrose is also one of the first flowers to bloom and welcome the transitioning season between winter and spring. It is a pastel-colored flower that cannot grow in hot weather. It is characteristic of the Northern sphere and countries like Sweden, England, and the Alaska state. There are numerous types of primrose flowers, which come in a range of colors, from white, yellow and red, purple, pink, orange, etc.

When it comes to their symbolism, primroses stand for femininity and love (especially for young people). As such, it is one of the main flowers of Valentine’s Day, celebrating the love of all kinds. Primrose is an honest and pure flower, and it also symbolizes those characteristics. Here are some of our favorite primrose flower tattoos you can use for inspiration;

February Birth Flowers Violet Primrose 1
Credit: @siyeon_tattoo
February Birth Flowers Violet Primrose 2
Credit: @asheamesart
February Birth Flowers Violet Primrose 3
Credit: @tattoo_joojoo
February Birth Flowers Violet Primrose 4
Credit: @nysmtattoo
February Birth Flowers Violet Primrose 5
Credit: @peipokes

March Birth Flowers Tattoo(for zodiac signs Pisces and Aries)

  • Daffodil

One of spring’s most loved and recognized flowers is the daffodil. It is known for its bright colors, white and yellow, as well as its unique cup-shaped corona and six large petals. This wonderful flower is a confirmation that spring has arrived and that nature is ready to embrace the warmth. Daffodils are characteristic of the Mediterranean region. They were loved by the ancient Romans and Greeks as well. Nowadays, they’re cultivated in the Netherlands (Holland), as well as Great Britain, but can be found along the Mediterranean regions and coast.

Now, because they clearly indicate the change of seasons and transformation of nature, daffodils symbolize growth, new beginnings, transformation, and prosperity. We cannot ignore the fact that Narcissus is the Latin name for daffodils, which means loving oneself, obsessing over oneself. Narcissus was a character from Greek mythology who was in love with himself so much so that, while staring at his own reflection, he fell into the river and drowned. Because of this, daffodils often symbolize vanity as well.

Daffodils are incredibly wonderful flowers, so if you’re looking to get a birth flower tattoo make sure to check out some of our favorite daffodil tattoos for inspiration;

March Birth Flowers Daffodil 1
Credit: @leehumphs_tattooer
March Birth Flowers Daffodil 2
Credit: @leehumphs_tattooer
March Birth Flowers Daffodil 3
Credit: @leehumphs_tattooer
March Birth Flowers Daffodil 4
Credit: @leehumphs_tattooer
March Birth Flowers Daffodil 5
Credit: @tattooist_green_

April Birth Flowers Tatto (for zodiac signs Aries and Taurus)

  • Daisy
  • Sweet Pea

Is there a more cheerful flower than a daisy? We don’t think so, and Aries and Taurus signs are super lucky to have daisies as their birth flower. Now, daisies appear when spring is in its full bloom. The weather is getting warmer and sunnier, and people seem to be more cheerful and relaxed as well; perfect time, simply put. Daisies are globally recognized and loved. With their simple white and yellow color scheme, they appear so gentle and innocent grown among tall grass in the garden.

Daisies symbolize purity and innocence, childhood, and true love. They can also stand for modesty, loyalty, and trust, which is their main historical meaning in connection to the Victorian era. Daisies also symbolize and celebrate the birth of a baby, which is also super cute (no wonder daisies are placed on almost every single baby care product).

As such, we believe a daisy tattoo would suit the intense, motivated Aries and Taurus personalities just perfectly. So, here are some of our favorite daisy tattoos you can use for inspiration;

April Birth Flowers Daisy 1
Credit: @jehlickou
April Birth Flowers Daisy 2
Credit: @gami_ttt
April Birth Flowers Daisy 3
Credit: @sinbar_tattoo
April Birth Flowers Daisy 4
Credit: @sabyminaart
April Birth Flowers Daisy 5
Credit: @naashofficial

Other than the daisy, April zodiac signs also have the sweet peas as their birth flower. The sweet pea flower is native to the Mediterranean region and is often seen as the perfect introduction to spring to summer transition. Sweet peas are beautiful flowers, known for their incredible, sweet fragrance. They come in a range of different, striking colors which makes them perfect for interior brightening, or even for a tattoo design.

Sweet peas have a range of symbolism. For example, a bouquet of sweet peas can symbolize one saying goodbye. However, the flowers can also symbolize, good times, pleasure, bliss, gratitude, friendship, and so much more. In some parts of Europe, like France and Italy, sweet peas are a traditional gift for brides, symbolizing good luck on the wedding day and in marriage.

So, if you want to get a more unique tattoo (compared to the popular daisy one), you can also go for the sweet pea as your birth flower. So, here are some of our favorite sweet pea tattoo designs you can use for inspiration;

April Birth Flowers Daisy Sweet Pea 1
Credit: @ma.ra.tattoo
April Birth Flowers Daisy Sweet Pea 2
Credit: @tattooistflower_mood
April Birth Flowers Daisy Sweet Pea 3
Credit: @dr.kate.tattoo
April Birth Flowers Daisy Sweet Pea 4
Credit: @peria_tattoo
April Birth Flowers Daisy Sweet Pea 5
Credit: @tattooist_flower

May Birth Flowers Tattoo(for zodiac signs Taurus and Gemini)

  • Lily of the Valley
  • Hawthorn

Another springtime flower for the May zodiac signs is the lily of the valley. Now, this flower, especially its name, has quite a history; it was believed to have been under the protection of the son of the goddess Maia, according to ancient astrology. The flower is omnipresent in history, so much so that it was mentioned 15 times in the Bible. Now, this flower has a bell-like appearance, with a beautiful, pure white color. It is one of the most wonderful springtime flowers, which indicates that the summer is just around the corner.

When it comes to its symbolism, the lily of the valley stands for rebirth, new beginnings, purity, chastity, and motherhood. It is a true feminine flower, often recommended as a tattoo idea for female Taurus and Gemini. The Lily of the valley can also symbolize one’s return to happiness, one’s hope, and overall happiness in life. Here are some of our favorite lily of the valley tattoo design you can check out for inspiration;

May Birth Flowers Lily of the Valley 1
Credit: @nothingsrs
May Birth Flowers Lily of the Valley 2
Credit: @kilo_alpha_tattoos
May Birth Flowers Lily of the Valley 3
Credit: @tattooist_mi.ran
May Birth Flowers Lily of the Valley 4
Credit: @tattoosxmoonlight
May Birth Flowers Lily of the Valley 5
Credit: @iamcharlottelee

Unlike the other flowers on this list, Hawthorn is actually a small, blossoming tree from the rose family. Because it blooms in the month of May, it is also known as the May tree. Either way, it is considered to be the birth flower of the May zodiac signs for a reason; the blooms are incredibly beautiful, often of pink, red, and white color. This may be a less known fact, but Hawthorns can also grow with thorns, which is a part of the hawthorne defense system.

Hawthorne is a flower that carries a lot of interesting symbolism. For example, if you give someone hawthornes, you’re sending a message of best wishes, especially for someone’s well-being. Generally, the flower symbolizes happiness, faith, hope, love, protection, and spiritual growth. All of the symbolism originates in historic interpretation from the Celtic traditions. If you would like to have a hawthorne tattoo as your birth month flower tattoo, then check out some of our favorite designs for inspiration;

May Birth Flowers Hawthorn 1
Credit: @madik_tattoo
May Birth Flowers Hawthorn 2
Credit: @katyhowarthtattoo
May Birth Flowers Hawthorn 3
Credit: @lylicious.ink
May Birth Flowers Hawthorn 4
Credit: @kelmonsterrr
May Birth Flowers Hawthorn 5
Credit: @anh_le_studio

June Birth Flowers Tattoo (for zodiac signs Gemini and Cancer)

  • Rose
  • Honeysuckle

Is there a more popular flower than the rose? We doubt it. Roses are some of the best recognized and most loved flowers in the world. They are widespread across the globe as well, and there are numerous species of roses. They often are red, which is how they’re known and recognized, but roses can also be pink, white, or even black. Generally, are the symbols flowers of love, passion, and everything love- and romance-related.

Now, this is the general symbolism of roses. However, depending on the color of the rose, the symbolism can change. For example, red roses are symbolic of romance and passion. But, pink roses symbolize grace, elegance, and joy. The white rose symbolizes purity and innocence, while black roses are suitable for funerals and moments of sadness. If you want to get a rose birth month flower tattoo, then you should check out some of our favorite tattoo designs;

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June Birth Flowers Rose 1
Credit: @allisintattoos
June Birth Flowers Rose 2
Credit: @elly_tattooist
June Birth Flowers Rose 3
Credit: @tizia_tal
June Birth Flowers Rose 4
Credit: @playground_tat2
June Birth Flowers Rose 5
Credit: @jessicadamasceno.art

Honeysuckle, alongside rose, is the official flower of June zodiac signs and their birth flower. It may not be nearly as popular as the rose, but still, honeysuckle is a wonderful flower for those who want a more unique take on birth flowers, far from the mainstream rose. Honeysuckle flower comes in a variety of different colors, but it is generally a white flower. The flower itself is pretty small, but the beauty of its appearance, as well as the incredible fragrance, make this flower the perfect summer addition to your interior.

When it comes to its symbolism, honeysuckle flowers stand for motherhood, maternal energy, sweetness, kindness, care, etc. If you are considering getting a honeysuckle birth flower tattoo, we recommend you consider adding a hummingbird design as well, since honeysuckle flowers attract these feathered little creatures like nothing else. Here are some of our favorite tattoo designs you can check out for inspiration;

June Birth Flowers Honeysuckle 1
Credit: @maiko.only
June Birth Flowers Honeysuckle 2
Credit: @racheljfriel
June Birth Flowers Honeysuckle 3
Credit: @rhiantattoos
June Birth Flowers Honeysuckle 4
Credit: @laineytattoo
June Birth Flowers Honeysuckle 5
Credit: @yaya__ink

July Birth Flowers Tattoo (for zodiac sign Cancer)

  • Larkspur
  • Water Lily

Larkspur has received its name due to its bloom resemblance to a lark’s spur or claw and is the first birth flower for July zodiac sign Cancer. This flower grows wild across North America and Europe. It is generally known for its protective abilities or repellant effects against venomous snakes. The flower is generally of an intense purple color, which simply goes perfect with the summery vibe of the month of July.

If you’re wondering about the symbolism of larkspur, you can relax because this flower carries all the best, most cheerful meanings. For example, it is known to symbolize positivity, love, especially first love, dignity, grace, one’s open heart, warmth, and so much more. This is the perfect summer flower and an excellent choice for a birth month flower tattoo. So, here are some of our favorite larkspur tattoo designs you can check out for inspiration;

July Birth Flowers Larkspur 1
Credit: @yezottt
July Birth Flowers Larkspur 2
Credit: @muk.tatouage
July Birth Flowers Larkspur 3
Credit: @inkbyshae
July Birth Flowers Larkspur 4
Credit: @gigi_tattooer
July Birth Flowers Larkspur 5
Credit: @andyoutattoo

Alongside larkspur, we also have water lilies as another birth flower for the wonderful month of July. Now, water lilies are truly exotic flowers and are incredibly exceptional in their appearance, natural habitat, and overall beauty. Water lilies are native to the Amazon region but are cultivated across the globe. The flower is known for floating above the water, usually in a pond, and of course, for being the central object of the famous Monet paintings.

Thanks to the incredible beauty and symbolism, we think it would be excellent to get a water lily tattoo. If you’re wondering about the flower’s symbolism, water lilies generally signify rebirth and enlightenment. Here are some of our favorite water lily birth flower tattoo designs you can check out for inspiration;

July Birth Flowers Water Lily 1
Credit: @newtattoo_studio
July Birth Flowers Water Lily 2
Credit: @tattooist_basil
July Birth Flowers Water Lily 3
Credit: @amybillingtattoo
July Birth Flowers Water Lily 4
Credit: @betsy.ebsen.tattoos
July Birth Flowers Water Lily 5
Credit: @comotattoo

August Birth Flowers Tattoo (for zodiac signs Leo and Libra)

  • Gladiolus 
  • Poppy

The tall and colorful gladiolus is the first birth flower for the month of August and the zodiac signs Leo and Libra. Now, this flower is also known as the ‘sword lily’, thanks to its sharp-pointed leaves. The gladiolus comes in a wide range of colors, but mostly in yellow, white, red, purple, and pink. The flower is mostly widespread in the Mediterranean region but can be found in the British Isles as well. The Gladiolus plant stem has been used for centuries to soothe symptoms of certain diseases (mostly known to reduce the symptoms of colic in the past).

Gladiolus has a range of symbolism as well. Traditionally and historically (from ancient Greece and Rome), the gladiolus flower was seen as a symbol of bravery, strength, and honor. Nowadays, the flower symbolizes love, love at first sight, and romance. If you’re considering getting a gladiolus as a birth flower month tattoo, then make sure to check out some of our favorite designs for inspiration;

August Birth Flowers Gladiolus 1
Credit: @donghwa_tattoo
August Birth Flowers Gladiolus 2
Credit: @tattooist_greem
August Birth Flowers Gladiolus 3
Credit: @bunami.ink
August Birth Flowers Gladiolus 4
Credit: @francielifranke
August Birth Flowers Gladiolus 5
Credit: @tecka.tattoo

The second, and equally favorite August birth flower is the poppy. Now, poppies are globally known and recognized flowers, usually used for landscape decorating. They’re known for their opiate seeds, which can be used for medical purposes but are more often used for substance abuse. Either way, poppies are an incredibly beautiful flower, and as such have been featured in numerous famous paintings for hundreds of years.

Traditionally, poppy flowers are of a deep, bloody red color. However, they can also bloom into other colors, like white or yellow. When it comes to their symbolism, poppies are generally seen as symbols of happiness, remembrance, warmth, and passion. The symbolism changes with the color of the flower too; yellow poppies symbolize prosperity while white poppies symbolize consolation. If you’d like to get a poppy birth flower tattoo, then make sure to check out some of our favorite designs for inspiration;

August Birth Flowers Poppy 1
Credit: @woni_plant
August Birth Flowers Poppy 2
Credit: @tattooist_inkandbloom
August Birth Flowers Poppy 3
Credit: @lena_fedchenko
August Birth Flowers Poppy 4
Credit: @frommay_tat
August Birth Flowers Poppy 5
Credit: @pmtattooing

September Birth Flowers Tattoo (for zodiac signs Libra and Scorpio)

  • Aster
  • Morning Glory

Asters, the favorite flowers of butterflies, are the first birth flowers for the month of September. Now, aster is an exotic flower that has been considered enchanted throughout history. It was also believed that burning asters could drive away evil spirits and snakes. Aster flower has an incredible wildflower beauty, often appearing in the Mediterranean region in late August, and early September, through the fall season. Aster is believed to mark the unofficial end of summer and a change of seasons.

When it comes to symbolism, asters are known to represent love, wisdom, and royalty. They are also associated with faith, valor, devotion, innocence, and perfection. Asters are usually of a purple color, but can also be white. They’re a perfect addition to a flower bouquet or a gift if someone’s celebrating an engagement, marriage, graduation, a new job, or any new chapter of life. If you’re considering getting aster flowers as a new birth flower month tattoo, then make sure to check out some of our favorite designs;

September Birth Flowers Aster 1
Credit: @assassintattooolivia
September Birth Flowers Aster 2
Credit: @joeysneedle
September Birth Flowers Aster 3
Credit: @natashafineline
September Birth Flowers Aster 4
Credit: @ink.by.kiki
September Birth Flowers Aster 5
Credit: @natashafineline

As the name suggests, morning glory is a flower that blooms early on in the morning, with the first rays of the sun. Unfortunately, from the moment of blooming, the flower can survive only until the end of the day, before the cycle of blooming is repeated. This flower has been considered sacred among different civilizations, cultures, and traditions. It was either used for its medical properties by the Chinese, or considered sacred by the Aztecs, Mayans, and Native American tribes.

Morning glory symbolizes delicate love and affection. The flower is associated with the idea of love healing us all, even despite the fact that it may not last, just the flower. In some cultures, morning glory is believed to symbolize mortality as well. If you’re considering getting this flower as your birth month tattoo, then make sure to check out some of our favorite designs for inspiration;

September Birth Flowers Morning Glory 1
Credit: @tattooist_basil
September Birth Flowers Morning Glory 2
Credit: @vane.tattoo_
September Birth Flowers Morning Glory 3
Credit: @roncha_tattoo
September Birth Flowers Morning Glory 4
Credit: @felix_tattoo_
September Birth Flowers Morning Glory 5
Credit: @dorothytattoo

October Birth Flowers Tattoo (for zodiac sign Libra)

  • Cosmos
  • Marigolds

Have you ever heard of the flower called Cosmos? Neither did we; prior to preparing this article, the word cosmos meant only one thing to us, and that is space. But, now we know, there is this unique flower called Cosmos. It originated in Mexico, where it was cultivated by priests in their mission gardens. It received this unique name because cosmos in ancient Greek means ‘to be in perfect order’, and seeing this flower’s perfectly organized petals, we can say the name suits it perfectly as well.

But, what is the symbolism of this beautiful flower? Well, the cosmos as a flower symbolizes harmony, order, and tranquility. The meaning changes according to the color of the flower as well. Cosmos come in colors like pink, orange, red, white, and purple. If you’re looking to get a cosmos birth month flower tattoo, then you should definitely check out the following designs for the ultimate inspiration;

October Birth Flowers Cosmos 1
Credit: @_kajaa
October Birth Flowers Cosmos 2
Credit: @noul_tattoo
October Birth Flowers Cosmos 3
Credit: @francielifranke
October Birth Flowers Cosmos 4
Credit: @flower.and.nina

Known for its bright orange color, the marigold is the second representative birth flower of October. They’re believed to have originated in Mexico and that they’ve been cultivated by the Aztecs. Nowadays, marigolds are primarily found in the Mediterranean region and are some of the most popular flowers around the world. They bloom in October to suit the warm tones of the fall season.

When it comes to the flower’s symbolism, marigolds are known to symbolize happiness and joy thanks to their vibrant color. They also symbolize wishful love, winning over someone’s heart, but also desire for wealth and success. In some cases, marigolds symbolize the remembrance of those who have passed away as well as despair and grief. If you’re considering getting a marigold birth flower tattoo, then make sure to check out some of our favorite designs;

October Birth Flowers Marigolds 1
Credit: @jooyoung_tt
October Birth Flowers Marigolds 2
Credit: @palette.tt
October Birth Flowers Marigolds 3
Credit: @rbenderstudio
October Birth Flowers Marigolds 4
Credit: @yshiww
October Birth Flowers Marigolds 5
Credit: @nothingsrs

November Birth Flower Tattoo (for zodiac sign Scorpio)

  • Chrysanthemum

One of the most famous Chinese flowers is the Chrysanthemum. Until the 17th century, the Chinese cultivated this flower for its medicinal properties, like headache relief, anti-inflammatory effect, blood pressure reduction, etc. In the 17th century, the flower reached Europe, and from there, it has become one of the most popular flowers in the world. The flower blooms in late fall and indicated that winter is around the corner.

When it comes to its symbolism, the Chrysanthemum’s meaning depends on its color. For example, the red flower symbolizes love and deep passion, white stands for loyalty and honesty, violet symbolizes a wish well, and yellow symbolizes sorrow or neglected love. If you’d like to get a Chrysanthemum birth month flower tattoo, then make sure to check out some of our favorite designs for inspiration;

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November Birth Flower Chrysanthemum 1
Credit: @sheuda_tattoo
November Birth Flower Chrysanthemum 2
Credit: @japanese.ink
November Birth Flower Chrysanthemum 3
Credit: @lineasdelulo_ttt
November Birth Flower Chrysanthemum 4
Credit: @tattoowool
November Birth Flower Chrysanthemum 5
Credit: @iamthepaintedlady

December Birth Flowers Tattoo (for zodiac signs Sagittarius and Capricorn)

  • Holly
  • Poinsettia

Holly is the first birth flower for December, despite not being a flower. It is technically a berry, and also semi-toxic for humans. However, holly berries are some of the favorite food choices for a lot of animals and birds. Holly berries are also considered to be Christmas flowers, often used for Christmas decorations. It is definitely festive and brings a smile to people’s faces.

So, is there a meaning behind the holly berries? Yes, holly berries symbolize joy, happiness, good fortune, optimism, and peace. Those are all the things we want in the holiday, and festive season and these berries definitely remind us of that. Thanks to the bright red berries and sharp green leaves, holly berries are visually very beautiful and stand out even in the dullest of rooms and interiors. If you’re considering getting a holly berry tattoo, make sure to check out some of our favorite designs for inspiration;

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December Birth Flowers Holly 1
Credit: @kegarden
December Birth Flowers Holly 2
Credit: @egletattoo
December Birth Flowers Holly 3
Credit: @wildsalt.ink
December Birth Flowers Holly 4
Credit: @tattoosbyhelen
December Birth Flowers Holly 5
Credit: @leccio51

Poinsettia is the second birth flower for the month of December. Just like holly berries, this flower is also associated with festivity and Christmas. The flower got the name after Joel Roberts Poinsett, who was an American diploma and physician. He was responsible for the transfer of flowers from Mexico to North America, which is why we can nowadays find Poinsettia flowers in the States.

The Poinsettia flower has a vibrant red color, which is characteristic of the festive season. As such, the poinsettia is an excellent decoration piece for the holiday season, especially when paired with holly berries. It symbolizes happiness, celebration, success, and cheer. If you’d like to get a poinsettia birth month flower tattoo, then make sure to check out some of our favorite designs for inspiration;

December Birth Flowers Poinsettia 1
Credit: @thegallerytattoos
December Birth Flowers Poinsettia 2
Credit: @pooka
December Birth Flowers Poinsettia 3
Credit: @sknapp_tattoos
December Birth Flowers Poinsettia 4
Credit: @swashdrive_tattoo_official
December Birth Flowers Poinsettia 5
Credit: @drnumb.art

Final Thoughts

And that’s it; these are all the birth flowers for every month of the year, as well as every zodiac sign. Hopefully, all of them in one place will make your hunt for the perfect tattoo design a lot easier. All of the featured tattoos are meant to only be used as an inspiration; you cannot copy any of the designs since they’re the artistic property of the respective tattoo artists. So, feel free to be inspired by trying to work on a unique, modified design together with your tattoo artist. Best of luck and may you get the tattoo of your dreams.

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