The Halfbike II helps users train their body parts in a creative and intelligent way that other bikes can’t.
Sitting still all day can make the body tired due to lack of regular exercise. However, most do not have enough free time to play sports and exercise. Based on that drawback, two Bulgarian engineers and designers named  Martin Angelov and Mihail Klenov have launched Halfbike, a 3-wheel bicycle  that stimulates users to exercise more often.
Last year, Halfbike was shipped and made a big splash in the technology world, and attracted great attention from the public. Based on this successful momentum, on April 8, Kolelinia company continued to announce the Halfbike II model on the Kickstarter crowdfunding page.
Halfbike II 3-wheel bicycle requires the user to stand to be able to move.
Basically, this eco-friendly vehicle has a special design compared to ordinary bicycles in that there are no seats. The two rear wheels of the bike are many times smaller than the front wheels, so the user will have to work continuously to maintain propulsion, even having to exercise less used body parts compared to traditional bicycles .
The car is made of aluminum frame, so it weighs only 8.2kg. However, it can withstand the weight of a person up to 200kg and is about 1m9 tall.
The design is significantly improved compared to the “predecessor”.
In addition, Halfbike II is considered a significant improvement over the “predecessor”. Still using the aluminum frame, but the appearance of Halfbike II is much smoother than before. In addition, the new product is sturdy and stable so that the user feels safe. When not in use, the car can be folded and carried away neatly.
Currently, Halfbike II is available in two colors white and black and is priced at 350 USD (~ 7.6 million VND) if you order it now.

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