40+ Hot Small Star Tattoo Design Ideas

Small star tattoos do not have a clear meaning, in other words, they can represent anything. In fact, when I talk to other people about why they get a star, they tell me, “Because of something or a person.” This means that there are personal reasons behind many star tattoos.

Of course, star tattoos have general meanings, they symbolize freedom, hope, honor, and purpose. These connotations are positive, and often go hand in hand with amazing things. In addition, some people believe that through the stars, we can gain inspiration and life insights from the Milky Way.

Even if you can’t find a reason to get a small star tattoo, you can consider it, because many fashionistas have this tattoo as part of their body decoration, why not you?

1. Purple Star Tattoo

Purple stars hold mystical powers that come from the galaxy as well as from the soul. The white ink outlines make this star tattoo look very striking.

Purple Star Tattoo

2. Small Star Tattoo Behind The Ear

By literally, we are well aware of the size of the small star tattoo. However, for those who keep a low profile, a behind the ear tattoo might be the best option.

Small Star Tattoo Behind the Ear

3. Star Tattoo On Hand

Your star that you want to show off to everyone? Well, tattoo them on your hands. While this design is simple, it still looks bold.

Star Tattoo on Hand

4. Constellation Star Tattoo

By arranging, multiple stars can be combined into very meaningful constellation tattoos. Now, you have earned the stars, while also declaring your zodiac sign to others.

Constellation Star Tattoo

5. Small Moon And Star Tattoo

If there is only one star in the tattoo design, it may be monotonous for some people, the best way is to add another pattern to the design, the perfect match must be the moon.

Small Moon and Star Tattoo

6. Unique Star Tattoo

What is unique about this tattoo is that although the design is a classic black and grey, the star still look radiant and full of energy.

Unique Star Tattoo

7. Small Star Tattoo On Finger Side

A star tattoo on the inside of your finger is a little surprise for you or someone else. This tattoo symbolizes hope and will work when you are feeling sad.

Small Star Tattoo on Finger Side

8. Star Galaxy Tattoo

The combination of multiple stars is a galaxy tattoo that looks subtle and beautiful. In addition, this arrangement and combination perfectly match the collarbone.

Star Galaxy Tattoo

9. Small Star Tattoo On The Back

The back is large, so usually the tattoo size is also large. However, a small star is also worth adding to the list of back tattoos. Of course, just like this idea, consider using bright ink colors.

Small Star Tattoo on the Back

10. Black And White Small Star Tattoo

Thanks to black and white, this small star will be noticed by more people. Also, this classic color combination adds some fun and handsomeness to this tattoo.

Black And White Small Star Tattoo

11. Moon Phase And Star Tattoo

The stars and moon phases make the tattoo look more complicated, but at the same time make it more interesting and mysterious.

Moon Phase and Star Tattoo

12. Three Stars Small Tattoo

The three star tattoo has many meanings, it may be to express a mother’s love for her children, or it may be to commemorate three deceased relatives. Of course, there are more. As we said above, the meaning behind star tattoos includes things that are closely related to the individual.

Three Stars Small Tattoo

13. Small Star Heart Tattoo

This is a simple but fun creative design with a heart pattern becoming the sparkling center point. This tattoo symbolizes always being kind and spreading love.

Small Star Heart Tattoo

14. Cute Small Star Tattoo

What a cute small star! This tattoo design is full of childhood fun and it symbolizes keeping the heart of a child.

Cute Small Star Tattoo

15. Small Shooting Star Tattoo

Due to the vertical design, this shooting star tattoo also looks like a splendid firework. Also, it looks like a rocket that’s flying into space.

Small Shooting Star Tattoo

16. Gradient Star Small Tattoo

Gradient tattoos are so glamorous. Even though only one star is included in this design, it looks so wonderful.

Gradient Star Small Tattoo

17. Creative Small Star Tattoo

Guess what this design is? Star? No, it’s not that simple! In fact, this tattoo is a blooming star flower, which symbolizes hope and love.

Creative Small Star Tattoo

18. Small Five-Pointed Star Tattoo

The five-pointed star is one of the most classic patterns, but not many people pay attention to it. This means that the pattern is unique by comparison, so sometimes embracing a classic design can surprise you. This tattoo symbolizes self and spiritual power.

Small Five-pointed Star Tattoo

19. Colorful Star Tattoo

When I see a tattoo in multiple bright colors, I understand that vitality is what it wants to express to people.

Colorful Star Tattoo

20. Small Star Flower Tattoo

The blue star flower with a red heart tattoo is sweet and subtle. This design exudes a girly youthful energy.

Small Star Flower Tattoo

21. Small Star Tattoo On The Back Of The Neck

design must absolutely match the personality. If you’re a hopeful person and honor is what you’re after in your life, a small star is 100% suitable. Also, the area at the back of the neck is much larger than the wrist, so take advantage of it, a minimalist tattoo is fine, but it would be better if the design were more creative.

Small Star Tattoo on the Back of the Neck

22. Line And Small Star Tattoo

This star tattoo is varied with a thin line. From the front, it is also a towering tree.

Line and Small Star Tattoo

23. Small Star Tattoo On Shoulder

If you get a shoulder tattoo, you will find your charm multiplied. The design is not complicated, and the small star can do it. Also, there are some usable areas on the shoulders where you can get a rose tattoo or something later.

Small Star Tattoo on Shoulder

24. Small Star Tattoo On Wrist

When you lift your wrist, you see hope, which is one of the charms of the small star tattoo. There are three stars in this design and different styles which also make this wrist tattoo look more interesting.

Small Star Tattoo on Wrist

25. Star Card Tattoo

This card tattoo is a simplified photo. Maybe such a starry sky gave him something important, so he had reason to tattoo such a design on his arm to remind himself.

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Star Card Tattoo

26. Orange Star Tattoo

The orange star is a symbol of vitality, and thanks to the talented artist, this star also looks like a blast. Additionally, there is a subtle blue smiley tattoo next to the star.

Orange Star Tattoo

27. Fun Star Tattoo

This interesting tattoo is not only beautiful but also has deep meaning, it symbolizes a vibrant family of three, mother, daughter and son.

Fun Star Tattoo

28. Small White Star Tattoo

White tattoos are niche and equally unique, and those who get such tattoos pay more attention to symbolism and personalized designs.

Small White Star Tattoo

29. Small Star Tattoo With Meaning

When you want the small star tattoo to state a specific meaning, adding a word to the design will do it.

Small Star Tattoo With Meaning

30. Charming Small Star Tattoo

The colors make this small star attractive, and the lines of varying lengths give it a lively look.

Charming Small Star Tattoo

31. Ultra Minimalist Small Star Tattoo

Getting a minimalist tattoo is a no-brainer. Also, this type of tattoo still retains the details it deserves. This small star is the perfect example, two long lines in the design make it sparkle.

Ultra Minimalist Small Star Tattoo

32. Sparkling Small Star Tattoo

Thanks to the short lines, the star radiates astonishingly like the sun. Additionally, black dots in the design enhance the look.

Sparkling Small Star Tattoo

33. Sweet Small Star Tattoo

A star, a moon and a subtle arc, this design is both star related and it is also a sweet smiley tattoo.

Sweet Small Star Tattoo

34. Star Planet Tattoo

If a star can say everything about you, it’s your personal planet. This tattoo closely connects man with the universe.

Star Planet Tattoo

35. Small Star Tattoo On Arm

Do you want to get a small star as an arm tattoo? If so, I’d suggest that the design should be more eye-catching, like this idea.

Small Star Tattoo on Arm

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