25 Coolest Neck Tattoos For Women 2023

1. Large Rose Neck Tattoo

I love this look, an outline of a rose tattoo from under the neck running down the side of the neck to the shoulder.

rose neck tattoo

2. Snake in Rose

A snake and rose are both traditional tattoos but they can be merged into each other to create a different style. Choosing a tattoo like this is for the brave.

neck tattoos for womenPIN IT

3. Simple Small Neck Tattoos For Women

Rihanna’s neck tattoo will make you want to get inked. This is ideal for women who want something elegant and bold.

neck tattoos for womenPIN IT

4. Flowers Tattoo

Each flower has a meaning and sometimes we add our own to them.

Flower neck back tattooPIN IT

5. Star Neck Back Tattoo

Star tattoos are always a good option, whether it is one or more stars. You can choose to have them fill or outline, small or large stars like this one.

Star neck tattooPIN IT

6. Connected Stars

Here a star tattoo signifies hope, ambition, success, and connection. We are all connected in the universe.

Star side neck tattooPIN IT

7. Neck Rose Tattoo

Pretty bold neck tattoos for women who are not afraid to make a statement. Rose neck tattoo with dark leaves and light outline rose.

rose neck tattooPIN IT

8. Minimalist Tattoo

Minimalist tattoos are becoming more and more popular especially among women. The rose is small and simple and they can still be expensive.

Rose Neck Tattoos For WomenPIN IT

9. Simple side neck tattoo

This tattoo is can symbolize a special date, so choose an important date that you want to be memorable. You can save this image as a reference because the font is important too.

Baddie neck tattoos e1643723378638PIN IT

10. Unique Water Color Tattoo

The neck has multiple tattoo ideas such as a planet, rose, butterfly, and a fish.

Neck Tattoos For Women boldPIN IT

11. Your Truely Neck Back Tattoo Idea

Word back of neck tattoo like this one is a popular one because you can give them meaning. The fun thing about this is there is a good chance you may not regret it later.

back of neck tattooPIN IT

12. Tattoo with meaning

This side neck tattoo is two simple words but with a lovely meaning behind them.

neck tattoos for womenPIN IT

13. Feminine Neck Tattoo

Red ink tattoos have become more trendy over the last few years.

neck tattoos for womenPIN IT

14. Edgy neck tattoo for women

Full neck tattoos work well with both black and color ink. Besides wings and flowers, you can create other unique designs.

neck tattoos for womenPIN IT

15. Flower Neck Tattoos for Women

neck tattoos for womenPIN IT

16. Asian words and Butterfly Tattoo

Asian words and symbols have always been popular tattoo designs. This look is lovely as it mixes two popular designs together. Butterfly neck tattoo is not only pretty but also sweet and feminine.

Neck Tattoos For Women butterflyPIN IT

17. Bird Neck Tattoos

The bird symbolizes freedom, change, and love.

bird neck tattooPIN IT

18. Full Neck Tattoo

If you are feeling bold and brave to get yourself a front neck and throat tattoo, here is an idea. These look like an elaborate large turtleneck. The ladies who usually go for these types or the ones who like to stand out and be brave at heart. The designs can be anything such as a wings neck tattoo, rose neck tattoo you want and they can be expensive.

Full Neck TattooPIN IT

19. Front Wings Neck Tattoo

Front neck tattoos usually have edgy designs. These types of tattoos are great for women with adventurous personalities. Keep in mind this is a sensitive spot so choosing the right tattoo artist is crucial. This wings neck tattoo features two small bat wings.

wings neck tattooPIN IT

Credit: Instagram

20. Dragon Neck Tattoos for Women

Dragon tattoos are popular and they look great on almost anywhere on the body.

neck tattoos for womenPIN IT

21. Cross Neck Tattoo

Cross-neck tattoos are ideal for religious girls. This kind of tattoo is pretty obvious in what it symbolized. You can become creative with cross neck tattoos for women by adding other interesting elements.

cross neck tattooPIN IT

Credit: Instagram

22. Lucy Hale Neck Tattoo

This was Lucy Hale’s first tattoo, a black ribbon on the back of her neck. In an interview, Lucy said she got the tattoo after a breakup. There are many reasons why we may get a tattoo and being rebellious is one of them. I love this idea for a feminine tattoo, it is really cute don’t you think?

Also, this is a lovely tattoo idea for girls who sport bob haircuts.

Lucy Hale neck tattooPIN IT


23. Kehlani Full-Neck Tattoo For Women

Next up is multiple tattoos on the singer’s neck. If you are looking for a full neck tattoo this could be the one, getting a cohesive piece is key to achieving a statement look.

full-neck PIN IT


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24. Half Heart

If you want a cute feminine tattoo then consider this one for the back of your neck.

small om tattoo on neckPIN IT

25. Crown Neck Tattoo Idea

Crown tattoos symbolize power, and royalty, they are also popular for couples.

attractive front neck tattoo designs femalePIN IT

26. Attractive front neck tattoo designs female

attractive front neck tattoo designs femalePIN IT

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