2019 FMX Best Trick FULL BROADCAST | Nitro World Games

The Nitro World Games are always full of excitement, adrenaline, and unbelievable feats of athleticism. One of the highlights of the 2019 event was the FMX Best Trick competition, which featured some of the best motocross riders in the world.

The competition took place in front of a packed house at the Utah Motorsports Campus, and the riders didn’t disappoint. They pushed the limits of what’s possible on a dirt bike, performing incredible stunts and tricks that left the crowd cheering and gasping in amazement.

One of the most impressive performances of the day came from Australian rider Harry Bink. Bink wowed the crowd with his signature trick, the “Frontflip Rock Solid.” This maneuver involves performing a frontflip while also extending both legs out in a “rock solid” position, making it one of the most difficult and dangerous tricks in the sport.

Bink’s execution of the trick was flawless, and the judges awarded him a score of 94.33, making him the winner of the FMX Best Trick competition.

Another standout performer in the competition was Pat Bowden from Australia, who landed the “Volt,” a trick that involves performing a backflip while also rotating 720 degrees. Bowden’s impressive performance earned him a score of 91.00, putting him in second place.

American rider Josh Sheehan, who won the FMX Best Trick competition at the Nitro World Games in 2018, also had a strong showing. Sheehan landed a “Double Backflip Superman Seatgrab,” a trick that involves performing two backflips while also grabbing the seat of the bike with one hand and extending the other arm out Superman-style. Sheehan’s performance earned him a score of 90.00, putting him in third place.

Overall, the FMX Best Trick competition at the 2019 Nitro World Games was an incredible display of skill and bravery from some of the world’s best motocross riders. The tricks they performed were difficult, dangerous, and awe-inspiring, and they left the crowd with memories that will last a lifetime.

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